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Cloud and DevOps.

Stay in control of your product at any scale.

Good technology is stable, performs, secure, and compliant. There is always a sweet spot in the range between guarantees and costs. Our DevOps engineers, SREs and service managers support you in creating the reliable foundation your product is built on.

What we provide:

  • Site reliability engineering and DevOps capabilities: When running a business on technology, the uptime and performance of your system are vital. Our site reliability and DevOps engineers can support and implement infrastructure as code and comprehensive monitoring solutions. We keep a close eye on your precious systems.
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines: Reliability isn’t just measured in uptime. Our engineers help you build the pipelines that deliver new iterations of your product continuously. They perform automated quality and integration checks, as well as help teams quickly reproduce the infrastructure in case of contingencies.
  • Service level agreements and service management: We design our service level agreements with the intention of finding a proper balance between the demanded level of service and the cost. For example, this could range from responding and fixing within one day during office hours, to full 24/7 support that we supply through a partnership with our hosting partners.
  • Incident prevention and recovery: Creating a backup is silver, being able to recover is gold. Our engineers use comprehensive tooling to keep data backed up and design automated recovery pipelines to quickly recover from incidents, restore lost data, or investigate production issues in replicated production environments.
  • Security compliance guidance: Heavily used platforms get scored against the heaviest standards. Our engineers have guided platforms and organisations to pass various compliance checks, such as SOC type-2, Cloud Control Matrix and ISO/IEC 27005. To validate our security policies and implementations we partner with trusted ethical hacker agencies to perform crystal box pen tests against our software and infrastructure.