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Embedded Teams.

Temporary support to tackle a big digital project.

Complex projects, accelerated timelines etc. require temporary specialists.

Complement your internal product development team.

Most of our clients have an in–house product development team of skilled developers that build and maintain their product. So, what do they need us for? Well, sometimes our clients are dealing with complex projects that their own teams do not have the skillset for. Or they’re working with an accelerated timeline. Or they need temporary support to tackle a big digital project. To these clients, INFO sends over some of its best and brightest to be part of the client’s development team. How much or how little INFO will complement your internal product development team depends on your needs and challenges.

Expertise, governance, and consistency.

Our high performing agile teams bring just the right balance of expertise, governance, and consistency. We help leaders accelerate their business by composing teams that deliver and help create an optimal level of self-sufficiency. Whether you need a temporary scale-up or are looking for a team model to build on.