Partners connects your business with ICT and online marketing. To achieve this, we like to work with our reliable network of partners. Enabling you to develop a close relationship with your customers and ensuring you achieve optimum online results.


Magnolia is a powerful and secure CMS, based on Java architecture. Magnolia is particularly suited for multi-site solutions, mobile applications and integration with other systems. Magnolia is the CMS for customers such as worldsteel, Allianz, Belgacom and ResearchAnt. is the certified partner of Magnolia for the Benelux.


Jelastic Cloud hosting

Jelastic is the company behind an ultra-scalable and interoperable PaaS for hosting Java and PHP applications. Jelastic enables developers and SMBs to get an application up and running in the cloud in minutes instead of hours, since neither lock-in nor code changes are required. is a Certified Partner (Silver) of JelasticĀ and provides the Jelastic Java and PHP cloud platform for the Benelux. Jelastic Java and PHP cloud platform is different from other PaaS offerings, since its key priority is convenience and ease of use. The platform is standards-based and offers a wide range of major stack components: developers simply choose what software stacks they need, and in a few minutes their application smoothly runs and easily scales on Jelastic. It is also extremely easy to set up and manage cloud environments, so that the entire lifecycle of an app is significantly optimized.


77 Agency is the Amsterdam base for the international 77 Agency. Thanks to the specialists from this agency, has knowledge of the latest developments in online marketing at its disposal. We work with 77 Agency on the development of turnkey marketing campaigns for Facebook, Google and Twitter.