We enjoy working with forward thinking companies

Info.nl is a creative technology agency dedicated to crafting relevant digital products. We enjoy working with forward thinking companies actively looking for the next step forward. The same thing applies to businesses which are ready to update or improve existing products in response to new opportunities or evolving market needs.

We work in self-driven agile teams

Our self-driven teams serve as agile product development partners, enabling our clients to use new techniques and injecting a different way of thinking into their business process. We offer expertise in the core disciplines of agile product development and digital transformation.

Our successful history includes clients such as Greenwheels, BVA Auctions, Voetbal International, T-Mobile, NS, Graydon, Adyen and many others.

Design thinking towards business value

We believe that design goes beyond aesthetics and that its real value lies in using design thinking to drive improved business value and better understanding of your users. In the end this will help you to make the right decisions and investments in your product development process by using real insights on an experimental basis.

Thanks to the enthusiastic involvement and full dedication of Info.nl team, we managed to fulfil our online ambitions.
Alexander Pluim, CTO BVA Auctions

Get to know us a bit more

We form a group of versatile and passionate experts, from strategists and designers to engineers and agile project managers. It is this passion that drives every unique project we complete, no matter how large or small.

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