AI-driven Digital Transformation. 

Reimagine how your business works, data-first. 

Over time, your business will amass legacy and redundant processes. When the status quo becomes “we’ve always been doing it like this”, it’s time for a change. Let’s start fresh, with an AI-driven perspective. 

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From data to efficiency 

We know by know it’s overused, but data really is the new oil. If your data management is done well, you can discover exactly where your business processes get stuck and can be made more efficient, and with that, gain a competitive advantage. 

What we can offer you 

Restructuring your processes always start with data. To get an objective view on the necessary processes within your company, it is key to rely on structured, unbiased data that records events, decisions and changes. That’s why we always start with evaluating your data management, and, where applicable, we investigate whether or not you’re ready for AI by training some AI models to define a starting point for your transformation. Then, we organize periodic check-ins and retraining of your models to track your progress. 

Solving for good 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning bring lots of uncertainty, but one thing is certain: we can’t know how well these technologies work for you before we try it out. Our AI services are therefore heavily research-focused: we consult you on the available options, we try those options out, and we’ll be crystal clear to which extent they perform for your specific use case. If they don’t work well, we’ll identify why, and tell you how you can improve so that over time, you’ll reap the rewards. Because we truly believe there’s a benefit for every organization, but realistically it’s highly dependent on how well you get your data to work for you. 

Our process 

We’ve all heard the stories of IT projects running over budget. Our machine learning services are structured to follow a rigid problem-solving process in order to give you a tangible AI prototype without running over budget. We first make sure that we’re on the same line: we start every project with a knowledge session to inspire you to learn more about AI, its advantages and what it can mean for you. Then, we plot the context of the model. Only when we know the exact context, we start creating a model that fits your problem best. 

Whitepaper: AI fundamentals for Businesses

What to expect?

This white paper is intended to introduce AI and the possibilities it can offer businesses. It will cover the three biggest business opportunities (increasing efficiency, reducing churn and growing expansion revenue) and how to get started preparing your business for this technology.


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