wins European tender ‘Stadsbank van Lening’ Municipality of Amsterdam

30 October 2018

The Municipality of Amsterdam has contracted for the design, development, implementation, hosting, maintenance and further development of the new pawn system for the “Stadsbank van Lening’’ (Municipal Pawnbroker). The agreement was concluded for a period of four years, with the possibility of six extensions of two years.

Ready for the future

The Stadsbank van Lening uses a pawn system to carry out the pawning process. Through a European tender, the Municipality of Amsterdam sought the party with the best price-quality ratio in terms of factors like the project team, project implementation and further development of the eligibility system; came out on top.

The Stadsbank van Lening pawning process is aimed at offering favourable conditions to its customers and differs significantly from commercial pawnbrokers. Because various parts the current lending system are in need of replacement, this assignment will involve a redevelopment of the system whereby the Stadsbank van Lening will be ready for further development in the future, to be able to help its customers even better.

Bob Paulussen, director Stadsbank van Lening: "We are very happy that will be delivering our new pawning system. It is a crucial system for our organisation, the backbone of our service to our customers. I look forward to all the innovations and improvements we can make in this system, so that our appraisers are better supported in doing their work. Always with the aim of improving our service to our customers – the people of Amsterdam – at the counter."

Fotomoment contactondertekening
Photo moment signing: Remmert Stipdonk, Managing director (left) en Rob Paulussen, directeur Stadsbank van Lening (right). (Photo: Frank Lucas)

Remmert Stipdonk, Managing director "We are honoured that we and our team can help the Stadsbank van Lening to take the next step towards the future. We will make broad use of the expertise we have built up over the past 25 years to ensure a successful collaboration.”

Innovation through close cooperation has years of experience in developing high-end customised applications for renowned customers including OV-fiets, Greenwheels and BVA Auctions, and has a proven track record when it comes to large-scale projects. At Social Return is also deeply rooted in the DNA, just as it is at the Stadsbank van Lening. acts as an innovation partner and takes care of the entire process, from strategy and design to implementation and maintenance. The preparations are now in full swing and from 5 November 2018 will start the first phase.

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