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  • The battle for the home cloud media

    18 August 2014

    Samsung has acquired SmartThings, a Kickstarter project to create a smart home platform. It is the next step in the battle for domination in the home cloud media. Entering the house and adding a new media touchpoint is part of all major strategies.

  • Session: Glass and the changing context

    18 July 2014

    Last week we organised a short session on the ins & outs of Google Glass. Almost a year already after our first encounter with this still intriguing Google device, as we were able to partner with one of the three first Glass explorers in the Netherlands. In the session we discussed the current state of wearables and the future of Glass with the attendees.

  • Experimenting iBeacons

    04 July 2014

    As long as iBeacons got mentioned at WDWCs in 2013 we are following the possibilities of this technology to connect the virtual and the real.