Continuous business innovation for Graydon

By 5 June 2020

Continuous business innovation for Graydon

The challenge

Since 1888, Graydon has been helping companies make better business decisions by providing them with transparent and relevant business information. To support Graydon’s users even better in making the right choices, we have jointly defined a multi-year innovation strategy and product roadmap. As their Business Innovation Partner, we have been working closely with Graydon for over 5 years.

Graydon X INFO
Graydon platform INFO

Future-proof innovation strategy

Our solution

Together with Graydon, we have defined a multi-year innovation strategy to bring new digital products to the market. This way we increase Graydon’s market share and offer their customers a clear view of potential risks and opportunities. This is how we help companies who use Graydon to grow their business through the power of data.

9 new digital products for Graydon

Our (service) designers and strategists understand the user needs of Graydon’s customers and translate them into digital products that provide the best possible user experience. We designed and validated over 9 products such as the Decision Model and Credit Reports, which convert large amounts of data into valuable economic, financial and commercial insights. We are currently working on Due Diligence products such as UBO, Compliance checks and XSeptions.

User tests

Tailor-made digital products

Together with the Product Owners of Graydon, two Scrum teams are continuously working on developing and implementing new digital products. We develop high-end tailor made solutions and releases follow each other at a rapid pace. Our agile way-of-working guarantees Graydon a fast time-to-market.


Graydon speaking

Icoon quote

The philosophy of INFO to develop agile products fits seamlessly with our vision to realize solutions quickly and with constant input from the customer.

Richard Ates, Director Product Development, Graydon:


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new digital products
average time-to-market per product

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