Designing a customer-centric experience for Lloyds Bank

By 28 August 2020

Designing a customer-centric experience for Lloyds Bank


Lloyds Bank offers a competitive product portfolio targeted at the Dutch audience. They provide the service and support of a small bank, while at the same time operating as a strong and reliable partner. Their parent company is one of the biggest banks in the UK after all. To better showcase the company’s values and scaling their product portfolio, Lloyds Bank was looking at improving their current website and creating a more rich and customer-centric experience. Lloyd Banks partnered with INFO to help map out the user experience and to redesign the new website.

Lloyds bank logo
New website Lloyds Bank

Going Dutch

Our solution

With the help of design research, we were able to reposition Lloyds Bank within the Dutch market and to identify how to uplift their current look and feel while still incorporating a strong connection with their British heritage. We needed to rethink the structure of the website so we could highlight their new product portfolio more prominently. In a number of iterations, we explored possible design directions and validated our designs with the help of user interviews.

User context as a driver for the new design

To counter the standard letterbox designs that we identified during our benchmarking sessions, we amplified a number of design principles from the original Lloyds Bank UK Style guide. User context was the driver for a set of distinct style-families within the new design. We created specific components focused on awareness, preference and conversion, which allow for a more dynamic setup of the various pages within the new website.

Design System Structure

Ready for implementation

One of our partners implemented the redesign of the Lloyds Bank NL website and launched it in January 2021. The redesign provides Lloyds Bank NL with a reinforced brand identity and with more flexibility in presenting and expanding their product portfolio. Additionally, all of the elements of the design were part of a comprehensive design system. This ensured consistency throughout the entire user interface and made the uplifted identity ready for implementation and future-proof optimization.


Lloyds speaking

Icoon quote

We are very pleased with the design of our new website. The application of design research methodology and iteratively incorporating user and stakeholder feedback led to a very appealing design, more in line with our strong brand heritage. By focusing on the elements in the design system instead of page templates, INFO was also able to provide us with the highly needed flexibility to achieve our goals.

Nikaj Eijk, Digital Frontend Marketeer – Lloyds Banking Group

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