A streamlined repair process for VanMoof

By 27 September 2022

A streamlined repair process with service platform for VanMoof

The challenge

VanMoof is on a mission to get the “next billion on bikes”. Providing first-class service is a crucial part of that. VanMoof wanted to roll out its network of Service Hubs and Certified Workshops from 8 to 50 cities to provide on-demand and on-site service to its VanMoof riders worldwide. It was using too many different solutions to document a repair, which created unnecessary work.


VanMoof therefore wanted to move to one new service platform that could support the whole repair process. They were looking for an agency that could help them build this platform. Quickly increasing development capacity and a short time-to-market were important requirements.


INFO helped VanMoof in this challenge by building a strong team and quickly developing and rolling out the desired platform called “Fixer.”


One new service platform

The solution

In collaboration with VanMoof, we built a first version of the platform so that the old systems could be replaced.

We started an intensive collaboration in a multidisciplinary Scrum team in which we combined the expertise of the VanMoof and INFO team members. In this, the first step was to deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) as quickly as possible, to quickly move to a more workable situation given the scale-up situation. That immediately provided the feedback needed to get started optimizing the platform and expanding its use.


“I love the usability and finesse of the product and adaptability to our needs. It was great to see that so much of our feedback was turned into features within Fixer” – Certified Workshop Location Manager


VanMoof already knew what they wanted, but they lacked the resources to execute their plan. We helped in developing an effective team that started building a first version of the product together to test it with users. A continuous dialogue with the users was very important.

VanMoof fixit

More grip on repair process

With Fixer, everyone involved in the repair process has much more control, increasing quality and reducing costs.


VanMoof saw so much potential in the MVP that the product will also be used in their own workshops, the Service Hubs, so that all VanMoof repairs will eventually be supported by Fixer.


The idea behind Fixer is to give bike doctors one entry point for all administration; allowing them to work more efficiently. The number of new bike doctors to be hired should increase less rapidly than the number of repairs. Ultimately, this will also increase customer satisfaction.


The customized solution optimally facilitates the process and workflow. In the longer term, more systems within VanMoof will retrieve repair information through APIs and the product will be further rolled out globally.


In addition to the product we have delivered, we have also built a reliable team. In this, INFO has been able to do a lot in establishing an effective working method for the Fixer development team, which will have a positive effect when INFO transfers its work to the in house development team.


The long term strategy is to transfer our knowledge to the team at VanMoof so that they ultimately have the resources to maintain and optimize the platform themselves.

About the collaboration

Customer quote:

Icoon quote

“From the start of the development of Fixer and working with Info, it was amazing to see how this tool transformed our operation and made it smooth and scalable. I am impressed with the pace of the development of the platform, we really asked quite a lot from the developers but they sure created something beautiful.”

VanMoof development team member

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