Unconventional car sharing platform for greener commuting

Audi shared fleet

Info.nl has developed Audi shared fleet: a car-sharing platform that offers highly convenient and greener commuting around Zuidas, the busiest business district of Amsterdam. Our goal: improving accessibility in the district and reforming the car-centric mindset from the perspective of environmental impact.

If commuters adopt different ways of travelling on a long-term basis, we can truly make sustainable improvements to Zuidas accessibility. The aim of the Green Business Club Zuidas was to address city mobility and take the forefront in the struggle against traffic congestion around the district. With those goals in mind, Greenwheels challenged us to come up with the first corporate shared fleet platform in the Netherlands.

The Audi shared fleet logo

Stress-free and Zuidas friendly

Our strategy team defined the goals that had to be resolved by the launch of the corporate car sharing platform:

  • time-saver: a click-away availability check for the cars; 24/7 access to directly reserve and drive.
  • business friendly: a smart combination with the NS-Business card (Dutch railways card) in order to have all the business trips listed on one monthly invoice.
  • easy-to-use: an intuitive reservation system that can be accessed via tablet, desktop PC or smartphone.
ASF on tablet

City mobility of tomorrow, available today

Greenwheels has been operating in the car-sharing business for nearly 20 years and Info.nl is the online partner for all its digital services. By working closely with the core team of Greenwheels we developed an extremely user-friendly corporate car sharing platform that can be very easily adapted to any other car brand. Sharedfleet.nl – launched under the Audi label – serves the specific needs of the Zuidas business community. The corporate car sharing platform defines the city mobility rules of tomorrow in three simple steps: register in no-time online, reserve your car and drive off.

ASF on mobile

Shifting mindsets towards sustainable future

By incorporating environmental sustainability into the program – no lease cars, no parking stress, no maintenance costs, and lower emissions – the shared fleet platform makes a positive impact on the district community. In the long-term it prompts a shift in the mindset on car ownership, resulting in lower CO2 and noise emissions.


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    Nomination for Dutch Interactive Awards 2014, Best B2B site
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