Data-centric redesign with an eye on film enthusiasts

EYE Museum for film has redesigned the website of the EYE Museum for film in order to optimise the user experience and boost online ticket sales. Digging the data and analysing purchase behaviour for better conversion.

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With over 700,000 visitors per year EYE is the place to be for anyone who is interested in film and cinema culture in the Netherlands. The national museum for film, located on the north bank of Amsterdam’s IJ river, focuses on film not only as an art form but also as part of the digital visual culture. To realize its mission, to stimulate a passion for film among the widest possible audience, we were asked to review the use of EYE’s online channels and optimise the customer journey. Our main focus for the optimisation analysis was on attracting more visitors to the film museum, and more specifically to increase the online ticket sales.

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From data to insights with impact

The truth of the story lies in the details, and in our case – in the data. In order to optimise online ticket sale and enhance the user experience on the website we applied extended data analytics. Users’ behaviour data provided us with new insights and enabled us to formulate improvement actions to address the customer journey optimisation. Some of the questions covered in our data analytics include: How and why are users visiting the website? How deep do they go and where do they drop out? How is the mobile version of the site being used? What is the impact of Facebook for online visitors?

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Tiny improvements, substantial upturn in sales

By implementing a few concrete improvements on the website – such as the repositioning of service buttons, redesigning the film calendar and optimising the site structure, we improved conversion substantially. Some A/B testing on the purchase funnel and design alterations enabled us to validate the choices and implement them with greater impact. The optimisation resulted in a major upturn in online ticket sales by 26 per cent and significantly improved customer satisfaction.

We were very fortunate, fortunate in our choice of a strategic online partner in the form of and fortunate to witness the results of the proposed optimisation.
Tom Schippers, Marketing manager EYE


  • Short-time release
    Short-time release
  • Numbers
    26% increase in online ticket sales
  • Numbers
    345% increase in usage of the film calendar

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