Integrated online hub for all door-to-door journeys

NS Dutch Railways has built the foundations for the new online data hub of NS Stations. Ensuring smart data integration and real-time information overview for both the client and end-consumers.

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The Dutch Railways (NS Stations) invited us to join a team of external partners and work on a new digital environment that will connect all door-to-door transportation services offered by the NS. The aim of the new platform was to provide consumers with a single online hub that bundles their NS subscription passes, bike renting usage and payment overviews. A complex enough process to challenge our data wiz creativity and validate our best practices.

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Smart data integration, powerful data management

Working closely with all external partners we developed essential data integration modules to connect the various touch points, such as OV-bike rental, bike storage facilities and OV-chip card. Based on the data modules developed by our team, real-time customer behaviour is fully integrated in a so-called ‘back office’ data hub. Thanks to several smart transactions modules the data from the hub is collected so that a monthly payment overview can be generated. The new platform was launched in June 2014 and it will extend to the integration of any service provided in the near future.

For us – as a developer of this data-intelligence service – is was a pleasurable challenge to rethink and build such a complex IT architecture together with all external partners involved. As they say, simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.
Dorien van den Berg, Project manager


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    Short-time release
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    Developed with SCRUM

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