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Rathenau Instituut

Info.nl has designed and implemented the new Rathenau Institute website. The Rathenau Institute stimulates the public and political debate on science and technology in various ways. One of these ways is the creation of a well-organised website that plays a key role in the publication of research. The existing website was outdated and inaccessible for smartphones and tablets.

Given the task of developing a modern responsive platform in which the focus was the content not the organisation, Info.nl has devised a comprehensive publishing concept for Rathenau. The fact that the stories take centre stage is evident from the homepage on which the three most recent stories are pictured above the logo and the main navigation.

Rathenau Instituut logo

The publishing concept

All the content is centred around six themes, with each theme having the filtering options of tags and taxonomies. This is a much more modern way of presenting content than the familiar archives and lists. Working with longreads, publications and commentary articles creates a clear distinction in content that is easy to read on the site as well as in PDF form.

The sixth theme is Science in figures, for which there was a separate website. Rathenau was keen to have this content within the corporate site, despite the content having been structured differently to that of the new Rathenau site. So the challenge was to offer this different content but in a consistent way; the Info.nl team took up the gauntlet. The interactive graphics, data publications and specific Science in figures metadata had to be given a place in the new content structure with the Rathenau tags and filters. The result is clearly and well integrated in the site.

Rathenau on devices

Topic tracking

The Rathenau target group comprises politicians and other policymakers or commentators; people who are engaged in specific topics. So with the possibility for topic tracking, whenever new articles appear online, anyone tracking that topic is informed by mail.

Rathenau wanted to be able to determine formal decision moments whereby the deliverables are approved. A step-by-step project approach offered that opportunity, something the customer valued very highly. The result is a very searchable, transparent website through which the institute’s vision can be conveyed to the reader and where all the publications can be included. A content site and publishing concept to be really proud of!


  • Nomination
    Distinctive publishing concept
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    Hosted in the Jelastic cloud of Info.nl
  • Short-time release
    Agile product development

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