Stable and secure business operations, for 18 consecutive years

T-Mobile has designed, implemented and continuously managed the entire online environment for T-Mobile NL. Ensuring stable, solid and secure business operations, 24/7, for 18 years straight.

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What started out in 1999 with the design and development of the state-of-the-art online portal for Ben mobile network has evolved into a solid partnership that has lasted 18 consecutive years. Since it acquired Ben, a newcomer in the telecom market, T-Mobile NL – which currently has 4.3 million customers – has continued to rely on our hosting and network management expertise.

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Keep the online engine running smoothly

The biggest challenge for T-Mobile NL was to manage and host a business-critical online environment 24/7, all year round. We believe that management is more than just hosting. It combines pro-active monitoring, thoughtful risk management, flawless reporting, integrated maintenance, familiarity with the capabilities of underlying hardware and the creativity of certified engineers. At the end of the day, there is but one goal: to keep the online engine running smoothly.

24/7 service

Stable, solid and secure

Through complex network integration of the platform, mobile website, retail stores, dealer websites and back-office systems, offered a solid solution for the entire online landscape. Offering an enhanced level of attention, full dedication and close cooperation with the IT department of T-Mobile, our team was able to design, implement and continuously manage the information-centric environment. We consequently ensured smooth operations for both consumer and business markets. Currently is responsible for the security, systems, network and database management and acts as T-Mobile’s knowledge partner in terms of IT architecture.

Our dynamic and continuous partnership would not have been possible without the excellent collaboration with T-Mobile team.
Dick de Waal, Managed Services


  • Agile
    Continuing strategic counselling in regard to IT architecture
  • Long-term relation
    Dedicated partnership since 1999
  • Service
    24/7 Service desk availability

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