EMERCE100: Digital is more than just technology

By 28 April 2022Innovatie

EMERCE100: Digital is more than just technology

With a lot of anticipation we’ve been waiting for the new ranking of the EMERCE100. With great pride we can share with you that we’ve been rewarded 5 stars keeping us in the Top10 in the category digital agency full service large in the Netherlands!   

Click here to see the full overview of the winners in each category.

EMERCE100 category Digital agency fullservice large


We are of course very happy with this ranking. It’s our vision that digital innovation goes far beyond technology. It’s also about people, culture, processes and a certain mindset. For example, we prefer to engage in long-term and close partnerships with our customers. We do this by looking at what is relevant to them now, but also what will be the best solution in the future. It’s nice to know that this approach is appreciated by our clients and the market.


“It’s in our DNA to look for transparent partnerships. This creates beautiful things over a long period of time. You can see that in the ratings,” says founder Jann de Waal.


Meaningful Growth Organization

INFO believes in the philosophy that we can only help our clients together. That everyone has a certain role within INFO and that we need all these roles to ultimately provide the best service for our clients. We take this a step further by positioning INFO as a Meaningful Growth Organization in which we put the personal development of people first and place responsibility as low as possible in the organization. INFO is only INFO because of the people who work there, so we would like to thank everyone who works for INFO to make this success possible.

About the EMERCE100

The EMERCE100 is published annually in partnership with research firm Motivaction. The purpose of the survey is to provide guidance in choosing an agency and, of course, a nice distinction for the work of all agencies. Decision-makers from the online industry judge the various agencies on the basis of their knowledge, value for money, reliability, and flexibility. The results are published annually in a special edition of Emerce.

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