How Intergamma becomes the go-to platform for all DIYers in the Benelux

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How Intergamma becomes the go-to platform for all DIYers in the Benelux

Intergamma, the organization behind the do-it-yourself chains Gamma and Karwei, is well on its way to becoming the best omnichannel retailer in the Benelux. Anouk Beeren, director Cross-channel, is leading Intergamma’s transformation from product to DIY project.

In our podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO Beeren talks about her role in remodeling Intergamma into the DIY platform of the Benelux. She speaks with us about the DIY journey from A to Z, the importance of communication and responding to Corona with Click & Reserve.

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From product to DIY project

Beeren talks about her most important task: to lead the transformation to a customer-driven omnichannel retailer. “Our vision is to help all Dutch people to make their house a home. To roll out this customer-driven vision, it’s most important that we move from product to DIY project.” says Beeren.

Intergamma wants to offer solutions and inspiration at the right time during the customer journey, exactly when the customer needs it. To do this, they tackle the entire DIY journey from A to Z, Beeren explains. They look at which issues the customer encounters and when, starting with the initial orientation on Pinterest and Instagram until the customer service. “You don’t look at the journey from your own perspective, but from what the customer needs and then you solve those problems.”


“We want to help people to make their house a home.”


According to Beeren, there’s still a lot of room for improvement in the DIY sector. Currently, few players are providing solutions, the customer focus is often missing. Beeren helps Intergamma putting the customer first, instead of focusing on internal processes. With this customer-driven approach, Intergamma aspires to become the DIY platform in the Benelux.

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Flawless omnichannel journey

“Customers are looking for solutions and inspiration, paired with a flawless omnichannel journey.” says Beeren. But what does omnichannel actually mean? Beeren explains that a customer interacts with various touch points during the DIY journey. To illustrate, she talks us through the window decoration journey: a customer first looks for inspiration on Pinterest, then visits Karwei to choose the fabric and color, uses the configurator online to order the curtains and lastly collects the order from the store.

The challenge is to ensure that the customer experience is the same across all channels throughout the entire journey, because “a customer doesn’t visit a channel, a customer visits Gamma.”


“A customer doesn’t visit a channel, a customer visits Gamma.”


When asked, Beeren describes her ideal customer experience: “You visit Gamma with your problem, there you get inspired and you receive the right advice, via an app, web or shop, you’ll receive those items at home in a very easy and pleasant way and you’ll even receive the service to install your DIY project.”


A strong foundation for change

When Beeren started at Intergamma almost a year ago, she found they had a strong organization in place. There was a strong digital foundation, a strong development and e-commerce team and a clear customer strategy. Beeren: “The ABC of e-commerce works well. We also have great innovative strength, there are enough people and resources available to take steps. And the willingness to change is also present.” says Beeren.

With such a strong foundation, we wonder where the challenge lies, how is Beeren going to improve Intergamma in the coming years? Beeren explains: “The execution can be difficult; how do you ensure you get your departments on board? How do you ensure that departments work together?” Because with an omnichannel strategy, good collaboration is crucial. All departments, front and back office, have to cooperate to get the customer experience right. And that’s exactly her strength: “I connect people, I’m extremely customer-focused.”


“Responding to a need that exists in the marketplace. That’s going to change the company.”


Beeren also believes in working from the ‘now’, she looks at current trends and needs that should be attended to. That does mean that you sometimes have to shuffle the roadmap, says Beeren. For example, when they were working on a fresh delivery proposition, Corona forced them to focus on Click & Reserve instead. “Responding to a need that exists in the marketplace. For the customer and with each other. That’s going to change the company.”

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The DIY boom

During Corona, people have taken to DIY in droves, we’ve all seen the long lines at the DIY stores. Besides high turnover, has Intergamma benefited in other ways from Corona? “Yes, it has given our innovative strength a push. You have to speed up because you’re constantly working with a different reality.” says Beeren.

But it could go even faster, Beeren mentions IKEA as an Innovative Leader in this area. Beeren is inspired by how IKEA has taken the lead around Corona, with a Click & Collect operation that, according to Beeren, “is very pleasant for customers, makes sense, feels right and works. I want that for Intergamma.”


The DIY platform of the Netherlands

What can we expect from Intergamma in the next two to five years? Beeren replies enthusiastically: “that we are the DIY platform of the Netherlands. When you think DIY, you think Gamma. When you think of decorating, you think Karwei. If we can achieve that, then we’ve made amazing progress.”


Would you like to hear more about the DIY journey and how Beeren innovates in small steps and from within? Listen to the full podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO here.

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