INFO is a top 5 Agency in the Emerce100 for the fifth year in a row.

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INFO is a top 5 Agency in the Emerce100 for the fifth year in a row.

The eighteenth edition of Emerce100, the special annual issue of Emerce, was published yesterday, highlighting the best companies in digital for 2023. We’re very proud to announce that INFO is listed with five stars as a top 5 agency amongst 559 companies in the category ‘Digital agency full service big’ for the fifth year in a row. Yay! 🥳 

In research conducted by Motivaction, every year the Emerce 100 asks online industry decision-makers to rate the performance of service providers across dozens of categories. INFO has not only secured a five-star rating, but it has also been the 10th(?) consecutive time INFO is listed in the top 10 in this category. 

We see this listing as a testimony to our values, our dedication to innovation and our drive to empower our colleagues. You can find the full results in the magazine or here.

Introduction to AI for Businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a significant factor in modern business, enabling companies to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and introduce new business opportunities. AI is rapidly transforming how businesses operate, and understanding its capabilities is essential for companies to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. This white paper is intended to introduce AI and the possibilities it can offer businesses. It will cover the three biggest business opportunities (increasing efficiency, reducing churn and growing expansion revenue) and how to get started preparing your business for this technology.

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