climbs up to second spot in the best internet agencies in the Netherlands

By 14 December 2017Blog climbs up to second spot in the best internet agencies in the Netherlands

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Each year the Management Team business journal commissions a survey amongst its decision-makers about the quality and popularity of digital service providers. This year’s results are presented in the MT1000. has been rewarded with second place in the internet agencies category, which is a big jump on last year’s ranking of seventh.

MT1000 Management Team - 2e plek

Based on experiences, not just reputations

A total of 2,592 decision-makers took part in assessing exclusively providers with whom they had had business contact over the past three years. So the MT1000 is based on experiences, not just reputations.

MT1000 survey
MT1000 is the biggest survey among business decision-makers concerning the quality and popularity of business services in the Netherlands, a survey that Management Team has commissioned each year since 2001. This year the three rankings (MT Digital, MT Finance and MT100) have been merged to form a single comprehensive list: the MT1000. The MT1000 is carried out by the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation. Check out the full MT1000 ranking, category Internet agencies.


3x 5 stars for

The providers were also evaluated according to three intrinsic aspects, with a rating of 1 to 5 stars possible:

  • customer focus,
  • product leadership
  • and quality of the performance. achieved the amazing feat of getting a maximum star rating for all three aspects!

Score on aspects (in Dutch)

MT1000 - Internetbureaus, scrore per aspect

“We are extremely proud of this position. It feels like a reward for all the hard work we have done in cooperation with our customers. The fact that customers are so positive about us just spurs us on even more to do better next year.”

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