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INFO partner of

The last month of 2021, we worked on an amazing project together with partners from the Amsterdam creative industry. Virtual fireworks with 100% FEELGOOD guarantee, because the profits are donated to Sheltersuits.

On you could buy Virtual AR fireworks with names like Dragon’s Breath, Friendly Fire and Satan’s Fart. With this you turned your street, house, or living room into a neat AR fireworks spectacle. All you needed was your cell phone. It’s not real fireworks. But virtually.

We were definitely launched into 2022 with a good feeling! Because the profits of this initiative are spent on making Sheltersuits: wind- and waterproof sleeping bag jackets to keep you warm when you don’t have a roof above your head. More than 2000 packs have been sold which resulted in EUR 30,847 for Sheltersuits.

Why this initiative?

New Year’s Eve is the only global holiday celebrated by almost everyone (all ages, social, cultural and religious backgrounds). We wanted to start the new year with a good feeling. If you do good, you feel good. Due to the fireworks ban, no real fireworks could be sold this year in the Netherlands. And therefore as an alternative, Feelgood Fireworks. Fireworks, but virtually. Or better: augmented reality. Super cool fireworks spectacle via your mobile phone. Good for people, animals and the environment. Feelgood Fireworks is actually the digital transition of fireworks.

Feelgood Vuurwerk is an initiative of  Better Together Agency, The X Experience and Wink Experiental Agency in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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