INFO starts partnership with vertical farm start-up GROWx

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INFO starts partnership with vertical farm start-up GROWx

We are proud to announce our new collaboration between INFO and start-up GROWx. INFO will partner with GROWx to develop the new technology and strategy blueprint and roadmap to scale their sustainable urban agriculture business.

First commercial vertical farm in the Netherlands

GROWx is the first commercial vertical farm in the Netherlands. From the city of Amsterdam, this emerging company is producing more than fifty types of micro leaves for top restaurants in the Netherlands. Their recipe for success? A unique combination of technology, data, and perfectly adaptable growing conditions guarantee not only the freshest quality, but also a more sustainable way of growing.



“GROWx is a pioneer in the vertical farming industry and a front-runner in redefining the fresh food infrastructure. Their expertise and ambition enjoys great momentum, being local, highly sustainable and data-driven. So, we’re excited to partner with GROWx in shaping their technology and strategy vision, towards a scalable future.”

– Cyrille Rentier, Director Business Development at INFO


INFO helps companies grow in Emerging Industries

We have a lot of clients and projects in so called ‘Emerging Industries’. An Emerging Industry is a consolidation of initiatives that are relatively new, often driven by innovation and expected to become of significant importance in the near future. Such industries grow fast and may as well push away competing, traditional industries in the end. Smart Mobility, Energy Transition, Fintech and sustainable Agriculture are all emerging industries that are shaking-up traditional industries.

These companies have to deal with a lot of uncertainties that are part of starting- or scaling-up a company or landing innovation within corporates companies. With an exploring mindset, the right expertise, years of experience and agile processes we help these companies grow their business. Do you want to talk about moving forward in your industry? Drop Cyrille Rentier a line.


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