ISO 27001 certification for all INFO services

By 8 October 2019Blog

ISO 27001 certification for all INFO services

Last month, INFO received the ISO 27001 certification. This Information Security Management System (ISMS) certificate guarantees that we properly protect the data and privacy of our customers and, even more important, that of their customers.

The certification is a worldwide standard for information security and demonstrates that our information security processes meet the international requirements.

The foundation of this certification is the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS includes the measures we have taken concerning information security. Besides the technical and organizational aspect of information security, the main focus of the ISMS is the role of people, both in and outside our organization. The ISO 27001 certification is a common and legitimate requirement for many of our customers.

Our complete organization is now certified, which is unique. “You often see that companies get a certification for a specific part of their organization, like their hosting services. The full certification confirms that INFO considers safety as extremely important”. Said Robin Coolen, Security Officer at INFO. This makes INFO one of the few digital agencies in the Netherlands that has acquired a full-service ISO 27001 certification.

The certification applies to all processes, systems and services associated with designing, developing and managing digital platforms. INFO is responsible for processing customer data, (possibly) including personal data.

Jan Cornell Berger (left) and Robin Coolen (right)

Information security is a continuous process

The ISO 27001 certificate not only means that we monitor processes related to information security, but we also keep track of compliance, control and continuous improvement. “We continuously develop ourselves in this area and will further apply principles like ‘privacy by design’ in the near future. Our customers’ challenges, questions and needs change constantly. Information security is a continuous process,” said Jan Cornell Berger, Privacy Officer at INFO.

The ISO certification has been audited and handed to INFO by Kiwa. Do you have any questions about our ISO 27001 certification? Please contact Robin Coolen (Security Officer) or Jan Cornell Berger (Privacy Officer).

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