Podcast: Innovative Leaders by INFO

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Podcast: Innovative Leaders by INFO

In our podcast series, Innovative Leaders by INFO, we spoke to future leaders who apply innovation to make our lives smarter, easier and more fun. Get inspired by stories about innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship!

Real stories about Innovation

In this podcast series we sat down with innovative market leaders and disrupters. We were looking for the real stories behind innovation, tips & tricks and what obstacles people encounter on the road to innovation. We talk about the new leadership needed in today’s companies and how to become such a ‘NextGen leader’. Some guests in our podcast were: Greenwheels, Jumbo, MiniBrew, Flitsmeister Vakanties.nl and Voetbal International.

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#23 Virtuagym: Hugo Braam about the shift of the fitness industry with their digital platform

In this episode of the podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO we talk to CEO and Co-founder Hugo Braam. He talks about sports with your computer, pivots, the added value of direct contact with your customer, just taking the plane, the blended experience and Iron Man.

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#22 Just Eat Takeaway: Just Eat Takeaway.com from Dutch player to globally scalable platform

In the 22nd episode, we speak to Maurine Alma, CMO of Just Eat Takeaway.com. Since 2017, Alma has been appointed as the first CMO of the global meal delivery platform in the Netherlands, better known as Thuisbezorgd.nl, which is now active in 23 countries. We spoke to her about world domination, centralized marketing, how to come and stay top of mind, corona, the future and a special restaurant in Amsterdam.

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#21 Special INFO: Best practices from innovative leaders about developing digital platforms

During this special edition of our podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO, CEO Remmert Stipdonk will talk to three INFO colleagues. Together, they will listen to clips from previous podcasts and use those to venture off into the wonderful world of designing and developing digital platforms.

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#20 Talpa Network: Arno Otto about driving innovation and transformation in the media industry

In our podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO Arno Otto talks about his role as Chief Transformation Officer at Talpa Network. He talks to us about change, the need for a more humane data approach in the media industry and why the Netherlands is at the forefront here.

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#19 Intergamma: Anouk Beeren about the go-to platform for all DIYers in the Benelux

In our podcast Innovative Leader by INFO Anouk Beeren talks about her role in remodeling Intergamma into the DIY platform of the Benelux. She speaks with us about the DIY journey from A to Z, the importance of communication and responding to Corona with Click & Reserve.

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#18 GROWx: Ard van de Kreeke about sustainable food from the vertical farm

GROWx is the first commercial vertical farm in the Netherlands. In the next three years, they’re building twenty-five plants across the globe to fulfill their main goal: to supply cities with healthy and sustainable food. CEO Ard van de Kreeke shares how and why he grows vegetables vertically. He talks about his passion for plants, how he uses technology to grow healthy and delicious food and how vertical farming can help solve the world food problem.

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#17 Gemeente Amsterdam: Ger Baron about innovating for a better city

As the first CTO of the City of Amsterdam, Ger Baron works together with his team of 120 people to make the lives of Amsterdammers easier and more fun through innovation and technology. He talks to us about current challenges like as parcel delivery, digital human rights, shared mobility and security in times of Corona.

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#16 Centraal Beheer: Linda Nieuwenhuizen about the transformation from insurer to service provider

Linda and her team are working on Centraal Beheer’s ambition to be the most beloved service provider in the Netherlands by 2030. In episode #16 of our podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO, we talk to her about the difference between insuring and providing services, the need to constantly adapt, experimental innovation, stage gates, stakeholders and AI.

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#15 NS: Joost van der Made about the (train) journey of the future

To innovate for the benefit of the travelers experience, the Dutch Railways (NS) hired Joost van der Made four years ago. In episode # 15 of our podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO, we talk to Joost about customer satisfaction, the (train)journey of the future, how NS involves the traveler in their innovations, the impact of corona, conservative innovation and Einstein.

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#14 Skoon: Peter Paul van Voorst about smart mobile clean energy solutions

Skoon Energy provides sustainable and mobile energy solutions by offering batteries via a cloud platform that range in size from portable models to batteries the size of a sea container. In episode # 14, we speak with co-founder and CEO Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst about Skoon’s Delft roots, their revenue model, investors, challenges, innovative business and the decentralization of clean energy.

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#13 Lightyear: Maijke Receveur about sustainable solar energy

When we talk about a transformation in mobility, we should definitely keep an eye on Lightyear in the coming years. With their Lightyear One, they are the first to design a long-distance solar-powered passenger car. In episode #13 we spoke (remotely) with Maijke Receveur COO and employee number two of Lightyear about their mission, the unique design principle of the car and organization, the strategy changes, challenges, intrinsic motivation, the organizational structure, trust and the future. sustainable mobility.

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#12 ABN AMRO: Marcella Simons about how to innovate within a corporate

The last couple of years, the financial world has expanded greatly, because of the many innovative initiatives from FinTech companies, among others. But how can a bank like ABN AMRO that has been around for quite some time keep up with these developments? In order to innovate successfully within ABN AMRO, Innovation Manager and product owner, Marcella Simons, launched the DARE program about a year ago. In episode #12 we (remotely!) spoke with her about innovation within a corporate environment, the importance of DARE, long-term innovations, speed, stage gates, metrics, innovation lessons and dreaming about the future.

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#11 Dott: Maxim Romain about bringing sustainable shared mobility to European cities (English)

Most large cities in the world are struggling with mobility and are getting overcrowded. This problematic situation provides the perfect breeding ground for mobility initiatives such as Dott. Dott is a shared-mobility service that provides electrical scooters for shared use in large European cities and aims to improve cities by offering green mobility for everyone. In episode #11 of the podcast, we spoke with CEO and co-founder Maxim Romain about how it all started, scaling up, their roll-out strategy, Chinese lessons, creating the best product, traffic safety, how culture can add to your success and the future of shared micro mobility by Dott. 

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#10 BeterDichtbij: Godfried Bogaerts about innovation in healthcare (Dutch)

Over the past 50 years, next to nothing has changed about the way that we communicate with our healthcare providers. BeterDichtbij wants to change that and offers a service that facilitates direct communication between patients and caregivers and aims to make healthcare easier and more efficient.  In episode #10 we talk with CEO and Founder Godfried Bogaerts about innovation in healthcare, the difference between a software platform and a brand, user-centered healthcare, privacy, revenue models, challenges, what you should do when you move faster than the field you operate in and guts.

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#9 Flitsmeister: Jorn de vries about innovation en route (Dutch)

Traffic app Flitsmeister exists ten years. Over the past decade, it has become a full-fledged, leading tech company in the Dutch MaaS landscape, with 1.6 million active users in the Netherlands and Belgium, 30 employees and a big, international parent company. The days when the popular traffic app was only used by salespeople who raced from one customer to the next and for whom speed limits were mere suggestions are long gone. In episode #9 we talk with Flitsmeister’s Managing ‘Meister’, Jorn de Vries, about fines, revenue models, traffic management, safety, growing pains, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Flitsmeister’s future.

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#8 Vakanties.nl: Judith Eyck about creating the booking platform of the future (Dutch)

Booking a trip through platforms like Booking.com and Airbnb became the new standard, but even in this market there are players that do things a bit differently than everybody else. Take “techy travel agency” Vakanties.nl, for instance. Vakanties.nl allows you to make real-time combinations of flights, hotels and rental cars and to create your own vacation with hyper-personal suggestions, but without the stress that comes from the many, many options and filters you have nowadays. In episode #8 we spoke with Vakanties.nl’s co-founder and CEO, Judith Eyck. We discussed travel agencies in the 21st century, legacies, innovation, ambition, leadership and the future of travel.


#7 MiniBrew: Olivier van Oord and Edwin Blom about disrupting the brewing industry (English)

MiniBrew is one of the world’s first all-in-one fully automated brewing system and platform. But is it a brewing our a tech company? Episode #7 of the podcast Innovative Leaders by INFO is in English and we talk to co-founder/creative director, Olivier van Oord and CEO Edwin Blom about brewing in the 21st century, sustainability, disruptiveness, MiniBrew’s journey from concept to product, investors, NextGen Leadership and MiniBrew’s future aspirations.



#6 THE FCTR E: Henri Rinck on the energy transition and Energy-as-a-Service (Dutch)

We use technology to make our homes smarter with technology like Google Home, Alexa and smart lightbulbs. THE FCTR E takes it one step further and makes houses e-homes. In podcast #6 Co-founder and CFO Henri Rinck talks about the heat pumps and solar panels that the company rents out, Heat as a Service, about behavioral changes, the future of smart homes and NextGen leadership.

#5 Jumbo Tech Campus: Anneke Keller about building the future of food retail (Dutch)

Family-owned supermarket chain Jumbo entered the Dutch market in 1979. Thanks to the acquisition of other supermarket chains such as Super de Boer and C1000, the yellow giant can now call itself the second biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, with 646 stores and 80,000 employees. The Jumbo Tech Campus (JTC) was established two years ago. But why would a supermarket open a tech campus? In podcast #5 Head of Jumbo Tech Campus, Anneke Keller, talks about the necessity for a tech campus. She also discusses the Jumbo formula, agile working, pathfinders, making mistakes, the paper-cone model and how the best practices of others become the best practices of Jumbo.

#4 Greenwheels: Andrew Berkhout about the changing Mobility landscape (Dutch)

Cities are becoming fuller, roads busier and air quality remains under pressure. To handle the traffic problem, the development of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is encouraged. Car sharing is an indispensable part of the MaaS concept. The founders of Greenwheels already had this vision more than 20 years ago, but is nowadays more relevant than ever. In podcast # 4, Managing Director Andrew Berkhout talks about liveability of cities, MaaS, innovation, leadership and how the Dutch mentality pushed Greenwheels to great heights.


#3 Voetbal International: Pieter Zwart on the digital transformation of a soccer magazine(Dutch)

Many publishers saw their print circulations declining and started focusing on their digital channels. Voetbal International (VI) has successfully transformed into a future-proof football media company that offers readers a personalized user experience and high-quality stories behind football news trough VI PRO. In podcast #3 Pieter Zwart, editor-in-chief of Voetbal International, shares the challenges his team had to overcome during this journey and the leadership lessons he learned.


#2 MOBIAN: Sven Snel about the mobility platform of the future (Dutch)

In podcast #2 we sat down with Sven Snel, founder of MOBIAN. MOBIAN brings you a mobility marketplace where you can find and manage new mobility markets to plugin your mobility service(s) or sell other mobility services. By connecting all mobility services they make the market more transparent, orderly and easier to book for travelers. Keeping airports and cities reachable. In this podcast, Sven explains how MOBIAN is on it’s way to become the Amazon platform of mobility.


#1 Speakap: Patrick & Erwin on the change of internal communication (Dutch)

In podcast #1 we sat down with Erwin van der Vlist and Patrick van der Mijl, founders of Speakap. Speakap allows their clients like IKEA, Suitsupply, NS and McDonalds to connect with all their employees at once, even the ones without a desk. In this podcast, Erwin and Patrick explain how they’ve met their domestic goals within a few years, and how they plan to take their business to the next level: by taking over the world.

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