VanMoof chooses INFO as digital partner for their global service expansion

By 7 April 2021Blog, Innovatie

VanMoof chooses INFO as digital partner for their global service expansion

Best-in-class service is the next step in VanMoof’s mission to get the next billion on bikes and reinvent the way people move. VanMoof has chosen INFO as its digital partner for developing the Certified Workshops platform as part of its global service expansion from 8 to 50 cities.

Service number one priority

On March 16, 2021, VanMoof Founder and CEO, Taco Carlier, announced the expansion of their service locations during SXSW 2021. VanMoof plans to expand its physical presence from 8 to 50 cities.

Over the next six months, the goal is to roll out a network of state-of-the-art Service Hubs and Certified Workshops to offer next-level service to riders wherever they are, whenever they need it. VanMoof is making service its number one priority with a revamped ecosystem built entirely around its riders.

INFO will help VanMoof to realize a business-critical digital platform to unlock the Certified Workshops on the VanMoof business processes. We look forward to contributing to an essential part of the growth of this Dutch brand.


“VanMoof is a wonderful example of a successful Dutch scale-up that conquers the world with their iconic e-bikes, a typical Dutch means of transport. We are proud to contribute to the next billion on bikes through this business-critical service platform.” – Cyrille Rentier, Director of Business Development at INFO


About INFO

We are INFO. Since 1994, we have been translating your business challenges into impactful digital products. Our teams define, design, and deliver future-proof solutions for our clients. Enabling organizations to innovate towards the future, and create meaningful products that improve people’s lives is what we’re here for.


About VanMoof

VanMoof was founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers with a vision of the perfect city bike. Now its bikes are changing cities and leading the current wave of people choosing e-bikes. VanMoof’s sleek, multi-award-winning rides offer a high-tech and feature-rich experience for a devoted worldwide community of 150,000 riders and growing. The iconic integrated frames mirror a fully integrated end-to-end company that has upended the bike industry by taking complete ownership of everything from design to production, from sales to after-service. One of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, VanMoof is on course to redefine the future of urban mobility and get the next billion on bikes. VanMoof brand stores can be found in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tokyo, with expansion planned to 50 cities worldwide through dedicated Service Hubs by the end of 2021.

To read learn more about INFO’s collaboration with VanMoof and what we already have achieved together, read the “Alignment is not an afterthought“, blog post.

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