What we have read in March:

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What we have read in March:

We read a lot here at INFO, and we find it important to share articles within the organisation as inspiration for new ideas, as reminder of good practices, and sometimes just for some good old fun.We wanted to share the best articles we found this month with you.

Have a read, and let us know what you think! Enjoy. 📚


The Researcher Who Would Teach Machines to Be Fair

This is an interview with Arvind Narayanan. He is a computer scientist who advocates for the ethical use of machine learning systems. He argues that privacy and fairness are not only technical challenges, but also social and political ones. He exposes how machine learning systems can harm vulnerable populations, such as minorities, women, and low-income groups, by violating their privacy or discriminating against them. He also proposes ways to mitigate these harms, such as differential privacy, algorithmic auditing, and data minimization.



ChatGPT and Software Architecture

If you are interested in how AI can help you with software development, you should check out this article. It shows how ChatGPT, a generative model from OpenAI, can create software architecture diagrams and code prototypes by just chatting with it. You can see some amazing examples of how ChatGPT can write code in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML based on natural language requests. The article also covers some of the pros and cons of using ChatGPT for software development.



The era of FinOps: Focus is Shifting from Cloud Features to Cloud Value

If you’re like us, and use cloud computing for a lot of your work and personal projects. Cloud computing is amazing, but it can also be expensive and complicated. How do we make sure we’re not wasting money and time on the cloud? That’s where FinOps comes in. FinOps is a new way of managing cloud financial operations. It helps us spend our cloud money wisely, track our cloud costs easily, and make better cloud choices quickly. The linked blog post gives us a further introduction about FinOps, why it’s important, and how you can start using it in your organization.



Exploiting SQL Injection in GraphQL

This is a blog post where Medusa shows how to exploit SQL injection in GraphQL applications. It demonstrates how to craft malicious GraphQL queries to manipulate the database and even execute commands on the server. It is explained how you can use some tools to automate the process and discover more vulnerabilities. We find this post a good reminder of security testing and it has nice examples you can try yourself.



Icebreakers for meetings

If you’re looking for some fun and engaging icebreakers for your meetings, you should check out this article by Jackie Colburn. She shares 10 creative icebreakers that can help you break the ice, spark conversations, and build trust and collaboration among your team members. These icebreakers are not your typical ones. They range from simple questions to interactive games to physical challenges. You can use them for both in-person and virtual meetings. We recommend using icebreakers for meetings to get people away from their daily tasks and focussed on getting together. We’re sure you won’t regret using these.


Introduction to AI for Businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a significant factor in modern business, enabling companies to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and introduce new business opportunities. AI is rapidly transforming how businesses operate, and understanding its capabilities is essential for companies to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. This white paper is intended to introduce AI and the possibilities it can offer businesses. It will cover the three biggest business opportunities (increasing efficiency, reducing churn and growing expansion revenue) and how to get started preparing your business for this technology.

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