What we’ve read last month – May 2023

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What we’ve read last month – May 2023

A collection articles curated by Tech Lead Bas de Wit.

At the start of May, it always seems that the spring is really starting here in Holland. We had King’s Day on 27th April, remembrance day on 4th May, followed by liberation day celebrations on 5th May. These days feel to me as the kick-off events for the beautiful spring season.

As the weather improves, I hope I will be able to inspire you with some hot new articles we’ve read over the last month.

Let’s kick off with some interesting articles that focus us on ways to improve our engineering and design processes and workflows to better serve our customers.

One of the most exciting developments in engineering is prompt engineering. This approach uses machine learning models to generate high-quality text using specific engineered inputs. This way we can automate content creation, such as project and code documentation, and free up our teams to focus on other tasks that require human expertise.

Another area where we’ve been working on is developer productivity engineering (DPE). DPE can help teams work more efficiently by taking the developer experience as a focal point. Productive engineers and teams can reduce the time it takes to get new features to market. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced business environment.

And we are also exploring new approaches to application architecture modernization. One promising approach is domain-driven discovery. By focusing on understanding business domains first, developers can create applications that are more aligned with business needs.

On the other hand, we see some concerning developments on the Cybersecurity front. LLM prompt injection, a technique used by attackers to trick sites into divulging more information than intended, will continue to be a problem in the future. The testers and AI engineers are addressing these concerns during the AI implementation process, prior to delivery of products.

And to finish up, we are happy to see that the GDPR has made it to 5 years. The regulation has been instrumental in protecting the privacy of individuals and has set a new standard for data protection worldwide. Businesses have been encouraged (forced) to be more transparent about their data collection practices and has given consumers more control over their personal data. It was a big step at the time, but now we can all breathe a little easier knowing that our personal information is better protected.

Let me know if there was a specific article you liked, or if there was a topic that spiked your interest. I am keen to hear from you and get some feedback so that I can improve the quality of this blog, and the choice of articles.

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