Within Development you form a team of system designers, system architects, front-end and back-end developers. You will work closely with specialists from other disciplines (such as strategists, designers and system engineers). We work with modern techniques that range from SQL and Hadoop to Java, XML to PHP and everything in between. Each project is different.

Info.nl applies a clear system architecture allowing for both robust and scalable solutions. The construction is focused on high-end online applications where delivering on the promise to the customer and the end user is of the highest priority for us. Naturally a balanced integration with existing client systems, but also the unlocking of SaaS cloud services, is part of this.

We make inventive use of proven technologies (like J2EE) and open standards. With these we built smart and robust solutions for the future. In complex system integrations and the handling of large volumes we provide specific solutions within clearly established frameworks. Being aware of the latest technical innovations is an important part of your work. Our front-end developers for example are also actively involved in the Fronteers union.

Edgar on Development

One of cornerstones of Info.nl is the implementation of online applications for our customers. In this I play the role of systems architect. The nice thing about this function is that you have to deal with all the aspects of Info.nl.

Here, together with colleagues from various disciplines, you work on things like standard solutions (reference architecture), the software development process and upholding the quality of the delivered applications. In our development process we work with elements of RUP, but also with elements from Agile methodologies like XP and Scrum. My role, among other things, entails aligning this process with other departments.

I think the best part of being a system architect is having a broad perspective and working together with many people in the company. It is especially these people who make working at Info.nl so much fun!

You have to deal a lot with customers during projects. Of course you are not on your own but with your colleges, although one has a certain responsibility as a systems architect.