Boost your connected business with Smart Digital Twins

Use Digital Twin technology to create smart and safe buildings, introduce precision farming or optimize energy systems. Learn how Digital Twin technology can help optimize your connected business, innovate faster and create new business opportunities.

Seamlessly connect and manage your assets, devices and sensor data in a user-friendly way

Do you want to connect things securely and reliably, using modern, IP-based protocols and standardized, cloud-based architecture principles? And make sure that your smart devices are digitally manageable in a user-friendly and data-driven way?

Then, Digital Twin is the technology for you! The technology enables you to perform predictive maintenance and manage your assets and smart devices digitally. Insights from digital twin sensor data create new opportunities to improve processes and implement new business models and services. Explore how Digital Twin technology can add value to your business.

Reach the following business goals with connected digital twins:

  • Reduce the TCO of your smart connected device by 50-65%
  • Save up to 40% in annual maintenance costs on your connected devices and assets
  • Make sure you own the data generated by the smart devices and sensors
  • Optimize assets and processes using smart data and predictive algorithms
  • Create relevant new services and products based on (real-time) IoT data
GROWx case

“INFO helped us really well with our Plant Manager. The team undertook an enormously complex job in record time. We’re very happy that we extended our partnership for another three years. This way we can continue to benefit from their Agile method and IoT and Cloud technology knowledge. By making a long-term commitment, we can optimize our business and innovate sustainably.”

Ard van de Kreeke, CEO at GROWx

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Evaq case

“I will get straight to the point: the EvaQ Lighting digital twin platform is a resounding success and the added value was quickly discovered by our customers and partners! INFO’s superior technology reduces installation costs and also optimizes the Total Cost of Ownership for end users. I experienced INFO as a particularly knowledgeable and pleasant partner.”

Michael ten Wolde, CEO at EvaQ

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Growficient case INFO

“INFO is a committed digital partner supporting us through the different stages of our company. Besides quickly gaining a good understanding of what’s important for growers and how our service can add value to their daily work, they created a highly scalable, yet flexible platform that is different from anything else in the market but highly appreciated by our users.”

Dirk-Jan Mulder, CEO at Growficient

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INFO’s Connected Digital Twin approach

At INFO we help you define your roadmap, design new digital products and services and develop high-end solutions. Our approach ensures that we create actual, tangible solutions that get business results.

Start small, stay in control

Start small, stay in control when you introduce the basics of IoT and Digital Twin technology. Connect things securely and reliably, using modern, IP-based protocols and standardized, cloud-based architecture principles. Enter the world of smart connected devices. 

Safely onboard your assets

Safely onboard your assets in a cost-effective way and operate and maintain them in an auditable manner, from everywhere. Make sure things are digitally manageable in a user-friendly, data-driven way, while ensuring security and data-access control. Save money when installing, monitoring and maintaining smart connected devices.

Learn in real-time

Learn in real-time how your assets and processes are performing. Visualize your (sensor) data making sure it’s meaningful to the end-user, avoiding data overload. Improve your decision making and share knowledge between your colleagues and business partners.

Increase efficiency and prevent maintenance costs

Increase efficiency and prevent maintenance costs by analyzing patterns and simulating new operating scenarios
Optimize processes and use machine learning and AI to learn and predict which processes can be improved.

Optimize processes intelligently

Create a smart world where things interact and optimize processes intelligently, on their own. Connect the Digital Twins and have them interact with each other, in a decentralized, context-aware way. Stand-alone Digital Twins have now become agent-based things that can act independently in a digital mesh.

Future proof your business

Future proof your business and design and create new services and business models.

What is Digital Twin technology?

Simply put, a Digital Twin is a virtual model of a process, product or service. This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to head off problems before they even occur, prevent downtime, develop new business models and even plan for the future by using data-driven simulations.

How do you actually integrate digital twin technology into your own business? We can guide you through this process and know exactly which questions to ask to set up an effective and manageable Connected Digital Twin platform.

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