Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence 

Start reaping the actual benefits of AI. Not tomorrow, but today. 

Have you been wondering about how you can apply AI in your organisation? With our AI Design Sprint, we can help you discover how machine learning will change and automate your business processes, and how your employees could work with it, in just two weeks. 

Results in two weeks?
Getting started with artificial intelligence

Start with an AI Design Sprint:

  • Step 1: We research your process
    Context is key: We bring together your team to get your current process on paper. When we know the goals and output of your process we can effectively validate if we have successfully supported or replaced parts with AI solutions.
  • Step 2: We give you the knowledge to become future-proof
    Setting the stage: We invite experts to educate your team on what AI is, what its use cases are, how it will develop in the future, and how it will affect your industry and business. 
  • Step 3: We zoom in on what’s important
    Getting to the core: To make sure we have a solid prototype, we have to create focus. With your team, we decide which parts of your process will have the biggest impact on efficiency and on cost savings. 
  • Step 4: We create a prototype
    Augmenting your process: Good preparation results in good execution. With the insights of all the previous steps, we leverage AI models and create a prototype that automates or enhances parts of your business processes. 
  • Step 5: And we make sure it works
    Solve for good: We bring back your team to test the prototype and see if it’s helpful and practical in real-world scenarios. In the end, you’ll receive the actual prototype (be it an API or script), and advice on whether or not your organisation is ready to embrace AI. 

Whitepaper: AI fundamentals for Businesses

What to expect?

This white paper is intended to introduce AI and the possibilities it can offer businesses. It will cover the three biggest business opportunities (increasing efficiency, reducing churn and growing expansion revenue) and how to get started preparing your business for this technology.


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