With info.nl you take control of your digital transformation

We are driven by design, technology and your field of expertise. With us you deliver better services or products for your end user and you perform better in the digital world. Our teams combine the best methods in agile product design and development, with the user at the centre of every decision.

Digital strategy

Together we determine your digital strategy

We believe that an agile digital strategy is a good basis for the future of your company. It enables you to grow along with the changing world and the wishes of your target groups. At the beginning of our collaboration we will create an overview of your current digital strategy and market. We translate this into a technically smart and modern solution, in which we focus on the end user. Because they have to be able to work with it, otherwise everything is for nothing. Using service design methods we map the complexity and the barriers we have to overcome to make your digital transformation a success.

We work purposefully

We work purposefully

How do we create a manageable and intuitive end product? We do this with Agile Product Development. This gives us an insight into the challenges of your company and the wishes of your end users. We focus on what we want to change, where we want to do it better and where the greatest value lies for the user of your company?

We always start a new project with a Track 0, in which we devise and establish the product, technology and cooperation vision together with you. This is the starting point for the cooperation, it provides focus and forms a checklist that a good idea has to fulfil. In the sprints that follow, we will work towards a product launch, as part of a larger roadmap that leads to continuous product innovation.

Adaptive software

We develop adaptable software

We build adaptive technological systems ourselves and at the same time invest in knowledge of the best frameworks. In doing so, we combine disciplined front- and backend development with the right amount of architectural planning. Our many years of experience help us to make the right decisions. In this way we can distinguish hypes from developments that are permanent. We also have a great deal of experience in integrating with existing systems. We advise where it is necessary to make adjustments and where existing systems can be re-used.

Change is not a project, but a continuous process

Change is not a project, but a continuous process

The people in your organisation are the key to successful change and the implementation of new methods. This also applies to the people of info.nl. That is why our entire organisation is divided into customer teams, who enter into a relationship with a customer for several years. These self-organising teams contribute to your transformation by adapting to your unique situation. And that starts with a first introduction. Preferably in real life. But it can also be done here.

Get to know our team

There are many different specialists walking around at info.nl. We have sharp designers, smart strategists, fast engineers and agile coaches who drive all these specialists forward. Moreover, there are no less than 18 different nationalities working for us!

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  • Info.nl team

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