The Scaling Up Maturity Scan

Are you ready to scale up?

So, your digital product has been live for a while now. New customers have been flocking to your business, testing its resilience and its performance. The big question is: is your business able to keep up with all these new users? If so, great! If not, what do you need  to scale up? Is your organization ready to take on this new phase in the development of your product? Are you confident your investment will be well spent?

Did you know…

That INFO offers a Scalability Assessment to download for free? A comprehensive yet easy to use model to test the maturity/scalability of your product.


The Scaling Up Maturity Scan

Developing a (new) digital product or service is a costly trajectory. To help you make an informed and balanced decision on the best approach, we have developed our Scaling Up Maturity Scan. The Maturity Scan determines the scaling preparedness of an existing digital service and assesses the quality of an organization’s own development process. We assess the level of maturity across these five dimensions:    

  1. Product management 
  2. Development team 
  3. Architecture & technology 
  4. User experience  
  5. Process, systems & tooling 

The outcome of our Scaling Up Maturity Scan is an assessment report on the current maturity of the service, and also includes recommendations on how to improve the maturity level per dimension. With this report you will have a clear understanding of what is needed to future-proof your service or process, making sure it is ready for further growth.

"Have a clear understanding of what is needed to future proof your service or process to make sure it is ready for further growth."


All Maturity Scans start off with a kick-off workshop to collaboratively determine the objectives, project structure, approach and deliverables. The objective of the workshop is to create a smart approach, to work out what the outcome should be, and to establish a  shared vision on the deployment of the project. During the workshop, we will also determine which dimension will be emphasized.  The composition of the team depends on this outcome.   


Per dimension, we will assess the level of maturity based on several criteria. These criteria will vary depending on client needs. Below you’ll find  several examples per dimension:   

Product management
We assess the product manager’s role, the product vision, the roadmap, prioritization and the alignment with user needs. 

Development team
We review the team structure, its capabilities, how they collaborate and their knowledge of the business and/or product.  

Architecture & technology
We evaluate architectural elements, such as the modularity of the architecture, code conventions, source control, documentation, deployment and release management. 

User experience
Is the user experience consistent? What design principles are in place? Is the design data-driven?   

Process, systems & tooling
Are agile processes implemented? What does the process look like for testing, scope governance and tooling?  

Let's grow!

The Scaling Up Maturity Scan is offered as a stand-alone strategic service and is perfect for organizations who want to innovate and grow. 

  Naturally, we’re happy to facilitate implementation of the Maturity Scan’s findings or support you during  the development process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our business developers today.   

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