Future of mobility: forward through innovation

The way we transport ourselves is evolving. But what influences are driving this change and what will mobility look like in the future? As a Business Innovation Partner for clients such as OV-fiets and Greenwheels, INFO has extensive experience in creating successful digital products and services for the Mobility industry.

8 trends that drive the future of mobility

Technology makes multimodal travel simple and the change in mentality among travelers from ownership to use creates momentum for new services. The impact of the pandemic has been and will continue to be a decisive factor in the evolution of mobility. But what other influences are driving these changes and what will mobility look like in the future?

Iskander Smit, Innovation director at INFO and visiting professor at TU Delft, lists 8 trends in this article.

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Digital Transformation of OV-fiets

When NS introduced the public transport bicycle 10 years ago, bike sharing quickly became a huge success. However, the unexpected growth led to a fragmented application landscape and a lack of overview and scalability. In order to facilitate further growth in a sustainable way, we have mapped user needs, investigated operational shortcomings and developed a digital solution and a roadmap fit for future growth.

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Podcast: Innovative Leaders by INFO

Listen to one of our podcast episodes with Lightyear, Greenwheels, Dott, NS or Flitsmeister

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Vision on Mobility: En route to 2050

Mobility is a comprehensive subject that isn’t easy to oversee or to predict. In order to work on the right solutions, it is important to understand how mobility will develop towards 2050. Because of this, we asked eleven experts from different levels of the industry to share their vision on mobility.

Participants to the report are KiM, ANWB, Hely, 9292, Ministerie van IenW, Parkbee, Gemeente Utrecht, De Verkeersonderneming, TU Delft, Lightyear en NS.

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