Combining design, data and techto create the right digital solution

Our approach

Our Scrum teams combine the best methods in agile product development, with the user at the center of every decision. We always think and act like your business innovation partner. And while every project and partnership is uniquely different and requires a tailored digital solution, we have developed a way of working that guarantees a clear, yet flexible approach that always delivers on its promise.


3 ingredients to build successful digital products and services

  1. Track 0: Understand and Design
  2. Track 1 and beyond: Implement
  3. Scope Governance: In constant control
Track 0Track 1Scope governance

Track 0: Understand and Design

Understand Design Implement Implement Implement

Track 0


Understanding is our starting point

Exceptional digital design comes from thorough research. It creates empathy and a deep understanding that leads to the discovery of unmet needs and new opportunities to solve your business challenge. Questioning everything is how we start any challenge: we call this track 0.


Where insight meets foresight

We gain insights about your needs and how they are connected to your business objectives, technology and of course: your users. This helps us to gain maximum foresight in opportunities and expose challenges that may occur during development. We’ll run workshops, talk to your users and crunch data until we reach a joint understanding of the challenge from a broad perspective.


A shared vision and validated design to move forward

The result of Track 0 is a shared vision on Product, Technology and Collaboration level. After Track 0, we can formulate an accurate timeline, a clear scope resulting in a product backlog and future roadmap and a well-estimated reference budget to implement your digital solution. We end Track 0 with a validated design, ready for implementation.

Creating a shared vision on Product, Technology and Collaboration is how we define the Minimal Viable Product and Roadmap

Product vision

Understanding the business value and user needs of your platform

Technical vision

Mapping out of the architecture and creating a clear development process

Collaboration vision

Aligning the collaboration model and scrum process

Track 1: Implement

Understand Design Implement 1 Implement Implement

Track 1


Practicing Agile Product Development

Because innovation is our core business and we are your business innovation partner, we expect things to change all the time. By using Scrum, we are able to truly embrace change and to turn these changes into opportunities for improvement. Our agile way of working ensures rapid delivery of business value and mitigates risks.


Committed Scrum team

With a clear vision on the product, technology and collaboration we move into the implementation phase. In sprints of two weeks our team delivers a testable product iteration. The team is self-organizing, committed to deliver the right product right. To achieve your business goals as effectively as possible, you deliver a Product Owner with mandate. This ensures we prioritize and quickly build functionalities that have real added value for your customers


Minimum Viable Product

The result of Track 1 is the first version of your digital solution: A Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Based on user tests, we decide how to move forward and optimize in the next tracks. Together we work towards a scalable and future-proof digital solution.

Launch and learn

Of course, our partnership doesn’t end after track 1. As your Business Innovation Partner, we will drive the optimization of your digital product or service. Based on first results and lessons learned from the MVP we will make data-driven decisions to improve your product. Together we decide on the goals for the next tracks. In addition we are happy to help you identify new challenges and define your innovation vision and roadmap (Advisory) and design new digital products and services (Strategy).

A funky, dynamic company to work with. You’re welcomed into the INFO environment with open arms and guided in their agile way of working to get moving as soon as possible. They delve into the depths of your product/service and get to the core of what’s needed in terms of added value. They take their product development seriously and love to make great things. If you’re looking for a dedicated development team to creatively build quality products, you’re at the right address!

Jon Tarry, Program Manager Dutch Railways

Working together with INFO means that your product needs come first. The entire development process of our new app for “De Muziekwedstrijd” was designed in a very transparent way, in terms of content, communication process and financial frameworks. With mutual commitment, a great new product was created within a very short period of time. That is robust and gives us a platform for the future.

Alexander Buskermolen, Director Prinses Christina Concours

The philosophy of INFO to develop agile products fits seamlessly with our vision to realize solutions quickly and with constant input from the customer.

Richard Ates, Director of Product Development

Scope governance: In constant control


Grip on the process

To reduce risks and uncertainty and to increase predictability we evaluate project progress with what we call “Scope Governance”. This allows you to make well-informed decisions, manage uncertainty and have constant control throughout your product development.


Balancing scope, budget and timing

Once development starts, we form a Scope Governance Board to monitor progress with a checkpoint after each sprint. We continuously look for the right balance between scope, budget and timing. Thanks to these Scope Governance progress meetings we manage the complete track.


No unpleasant surprises

With INFO’s Scope Governance, we help you develop strong digital products and services within budget, on time and within the right scope.


Watch the video to get a better understanding of Scope Governance in Agile Product Development.

Why work with INFO

Fully Agile

We are fully Agile, working in dedicated Scrum teams. We don’t work for you, but with you – as a Product Owner in our team

We care

Our team of 80+ experts is big enough to cope and small enough to care

We are explorers

Innovation is in our DNA. We are explorers; good at doing things for the first time

Technology agnostic

We are technology agnostic, determined to find the right tailored solution leveraging years of experience in using proven technologies

Experienced team

We don’t just put specialists together and call it your team. Our teams stay together for a longer period of time, they are well-attuned and experienced

Successful digital products

We have been delivering successful digital products for the last 25 years. Read more about our work for clients like Graydon and Adyen

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