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Big ideas are great, but often hard to realize

After defining a clear vision for your business innovation, your team will need to form a strategy on how to get there and stakeholders will want to figure out what solutions will adhere to their business goals. In other words, you need to close the gap between innovation-on-paper and actual, tangible solutions that get results. In this digital world, that solution will most likely be a product-service combination.

Creating and shaping a new product or service goes hand in hand with changing your organization. Your employees and the technology they use will produce the desired customer and/or partner experience, making it paramount to get everybody on board. Without change, there will be no innovation. But how do you initiate this change?

"Creating and shaping a new product or service goes hand in hand with changing your organization."

We specialize in

Define the product/service goals
& the related ecosystem

Business Goals & KPIs

Ecosystem map

Understand the customer and employee experience

Interviews & context mapping


Service blueprinting

Design how it should work from an experience, technical and business point of view

Ideation & prototyping

User testing

Define business processes

Evolutionary architecture

Microservice, Serverless, best-fit application design

Scope down the solution into actionable steps

Impact analysis

Scope minimal viable product

Define release strategy/rollout plan

Roadmap (Epic backlog)

Plan for implementation (this can include support from our agile coaches).

Collaboration plan

Product vision

Technical vision

Innovation requires change from within. That’s why we collaborate with your people through interactive sessions. This way, we create a mutual understanding of daily problems and how to solve them.

We have a technology-agnostic approach, where we apply the best technological means to solve your challenge.

Our approach

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