A Digital Twin in three steps

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In this document

  • How to best define your ambitions and how to focus your business case.
  • How to map the capabilities within your organization and source missing competencies.
  • How to plan a step by step Agile implementation for your digital twin.

On Digital Twins

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, system or process. A replica that is so similar that you can adapt actual processes to it and that helps you make better decisions. But, a digital twin is much more than a digital double. Linking up these virtual and physical worlds makes it possible to analyze data and monitor systems and thus to stop problems before they occur, prevent downtime, develop new business models and even plan for the future using data-driven simulations. A well thought-out digital twin offers organizations the opportunity to optimize, innovate and grow. With a digital twin you make complicated and/or expensive processes safer, more affordable and easier.