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Binoculars 2023

It’s our job to know how we can leverage (upcoming) developments to create strategic advantages for our clients. We picked five areas that we think will contribute considerably to the success of your organization:

  • Responsible Design
  • Digital Twin technology
  • Perfecting Platforms
  • Circular Economy
  • Protocol Economy 

Five INFO experts will guide you through what they think are the driving forces of innovation and competitive advantage in the years to come. 


ChatGPT in Practice

What to expect?

Real-world Applications and Strategies for Conversational AI. 

In this white paper we explore how combining LLMs with AI-powered search is, at the moment of writing, one of the most successful strategies to implementing the power of conversational AI in business processes, making them more suitable for real-world applications. Especially in the face of labour shortages, this combination can be golden for companies trying to automate parts of their services.


Introduction to AI for Businesses

What to expect?

This white paper is intended to introduce AI and the possibilities it can offer businesses. It will cover the three biggest business opportunities (increasing efficiency, reducing churn and growing expansion revenue) and how to get started preparing your business for this technology.


Scalability Assessment

What to expect?

To make a company or product scalable is to facilitate unprecedented growth. It means having the ability to grow without being hindered. It requires planning, culture, funding, and the right systems, personnel, processes, technology and partners.

  • Clear insight into ‘the degree of scalability’ of your product/company
  • Learning what your strengths are and where you can create value fast
  • Understanding what to do to grow exponentially

Innovation handbook

Take control of your digital innovation.

What to expect?

With this approach, you’ll have control, you’ll be able to validate if you’re on the right track, and you make sure you plan for the future.

Handbook Controlled Innovation by INFO

Exploring Innovation Map

Got an idea? This map will reveal your jumping-off point, which steps you can take and what it will bring you in the end. With this map, you can create a business case to convince your stakeholders and move on to launching a first version of your innovation.


Checklist: a Digital Twin in three steps

  • How to best define your ambitions and how to focus your business case.
  • How to map the capabilities within your organization and source missing competencies.
  • How to plan a step by step Agile implementation for your digital twin.

Scaling-up Workshop

Are you pondering whether your company or product is ready for the next step? In just a couple of hours, we help you assess, based on several dimensions, whether your products and processes are flexible, adaptive, and efficient enough to realize your growth ambitions. Together with your team we plan a (free of charge) workshop and get to work on your ideas and challenges.


Framing digital opportunities

4 business examples of successful digital frameworks

What to expect?

There is a sweet spot that lies between a sweeping strategy and something actionable and this whitepaper describes an approach that has just enough of both.

Strategy Whitepaper

Vision on Mobility

Looking towards the future with 11 key players in mobility

En route to 2050!

Mobility is a comprehensive subject that isn’t easy to oversee or to predict. Because of this, we asked eleven experts from different levels of the industry to share their vision on mobility. You will see that there’s not just one answer to what mobility will look like in 2050. Participants to the report are KiM, ANWB, Hely, 9292, Ministerie van IenW, Parkbee, Gemeente Utrecht, De Verkeersonderneming, TU Delft, Lightyear en NS.


👋 Checkout the webcast as well.

INFO - Fleet Sharing platform

Alignment & digital product development

4 business examples of successful alignement

What to expect?

In the more than 25 years of experience we have in developing new digital products and services, we have noticed that there’s one factor that determines the success of a digital system. Not how fast a product is finished or how good the UX of a system is. No, the most important thing is, alignment.


Loyalty for digital

Investing in customer loyalty pays off.

What to expect?

Customer loyalty is intertwined with almost every aspect of your business. Putting loyalty into practice can be troublesome, however. Especially large and growing companies can run into difficulties while implementing a large-scale digital loyalty platform.

  • Learn what drives loyalty.
  • Choose between a connected or integrated loyalty platform.
  • See what’s the best fit for your organization.
Loyalty Whitepaper INFO

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