What can agile product development do for your organisation?

27 September 2016

During the Emerce eDay (6 October) we will dive into agile working and mastering the digital shift together with a selected group of experts from the digital field.

Mastering the digital shift & how to get there
V&D, USG (o.a. Perry Sport), Imtech: each of them companies that weren’t adaptable enough in the fast changing world. The pressure to innovate and modernize increases, expectations of digital products and services rise and the competition is killing.

Organisations need courage, flexibility and determination to survive in the ever changing field of operations. Having an agile mindset is crucial - being flexible and having guts to embrace the change are at the core of it. And next to that, the multidisciplinary teams are working towards a greater goal - to quickly launch digital products and services that add value for the user.

What will we do?

During the session we’ll share some examples from the frontrunners and look into how agile product development help them towards their digital transformation. We will also discuss the challenges that come along and the opportunities of embracing agile product development.

Interested to know more?

Feel free to get in touch with Elly Doek (contact details below).

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The Emerce eDay will be held on Thursday, 6 October 2016 at the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam.

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