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INFOStudio is a digital place where we share our knowledge, experiences and lessons learned from real life business problems. Develop your own skills and join our experts to dive into topics like Design, Tech and Agile.

Gain valuable insights from our experts in Design, Technology and Agile

As a Business Innovation Partner, INFO helps organizations to grow their business through innovation. We are in these challenging times together and our team of experts is committed to keep you inspired, informed and creative through our INFOStudio.

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1. Service Design

INFOStudio Service Design Webinar

Thursday 30th of April – 16.00-16.45

How Service Design helps deliver sustainable business value for companies

Design Lead Sebastian will talk with Service Designers Joy & Laura about how Service Design can help companies bring value across many touch points in an ecosystem. From framing initial vision to solving complex business challenges, we will dive into our Service Design approach and show how this looks in real-life by sharing how we helped create a Career Hub for Adyen and a new Service App for OV-fiets. Thereby we will discuss how we choose our approach depending on the challenge at hand.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The basic principles of service design
  • Our view on Service Design and how it helps tackle different challenges
  • How we used service design for different cases like Adyen and OV-fiets
  • What steps you can use to apply service design for your business

This webinar is interesting for:
UX designers, Product Designers, Service Designers, Product Owners, Strategists

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2. Scalable tech

INFOStudio Tech webinar

Thursday 7th of May – 16.00-16.45

Best practices to create your scalable software architecture

Technical Leads Bas and Stefan and DevOps expert Cyril will share how to achieve a microservices architecture which sets you up for an evolutionary architecture from the start, to support continuous change and build a scalable platform. We will share best practices like the Dutch public transportation bike (OV-fiets) and show how we are able to handle thousands of transactions per hour. Finally, we will share some principles that can help your business to move to a more scalable platform.

In this webinar you will learn

  • The basic principles of a scalable platform and evolutionary architecture
  • What we can learn from a real-life example: OV-fiets
  • How to move to a more scalable platform yourself, by implementing Architectural Fitness Functions

This webinar is interesting for:
IT directors, Enterprise Architects, Software Engineers, DevOps engineers

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3. Agile

INFOStudio Agile Webinar

Tuesday 19th of May – 16.00-16.45

Effectively managing your stakeholders and backlog using the agile principles

Although most software producing teams and organizations have switched to working agile, some still approach their backlog in a traditional way. After setting up an initial backlog, stakeholders rely on this set of features too much, so further stakeholder management and backlog management go hand in hand. In this webinar Scrum Masters Robin and Oebe take the 12 principles of the Agile manifesto to guide you through the setup and challenges of backlog and stakeholder management.

In this webinar you will learn

  • How to use the agile principles as a guideline for better managing your backlog
  • How to intensify stakeholder involvement and the benefits this brings you
  • And of course, a bunch of practical tips to prioritize an effective backlog and get the highest value out of your stakeholder relationships

This webinar is interesting for:
Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches

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