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  • ThingsCon

    ThingsCon 2015. Let the things be human too

    18 mei 2015

    Just like last year we attended Things conference in Berlin. This year we not only were attendees but also did a workshop on haptic interactions, haptic stimuli as design material. Antoine and I went to Berlin and enjoyed another fine edition of ThingsCon.

  • SXSW2015 day 5; smart human failures

    18 mei 2015

    The closing day. I missed the first session slot and my first session at 11am was sold out session. After changing venue I ended up in a session on the role of our new tech in spiritual thinking, remembering our diseased.

  • SxSW2015 day 1; high-tech and high-touch

    14 mei 2015

    This year I am again in Austin for SxSW (South by South West, or South by as locals say), I’m visiting the interactive conference, just like I did in 2011 and 2013. The conference is one of the biggest in the world (probable the biggest) with about 32.798 attendees. There are over a 1000 sessions in 5 days.

  • Sfeer IoTday

    De nieuwe wearables bepalen ons gedrag

    23 april 2015

    Afgelopen IoTday vond bij de Hogeschool van Rotterdam de hackday ‘A-wearable’ plaats. De dag was onderdeel van het wereldwijde initiatief om 9 april tot wereld internet of things dag te dopen.

  • SXSW2015 day 4; tech as material

    17 maart 2015

    Day 4 already. The Monday is always a bit different. Hard to pinpoint why, maybe because you feel you have passed half of the conference. Or because it seems a bit more quiet because some of the Americans have to go back to work after the weekend. I did not have to stand in line for the sessions I attended.

  • SXSW Day 3; a thin line between smart and smart-ass

    16 maart 2015

    On day 3 the themes of wearables, mixing real and digital, AI and new interactions were present again.

  • Connected vehicles and automated cars

    SxSW2015 day 2; start with the thing

    15 maart 2015

    Day 2 of this years South by started with a panel on advanced mobility. 9.30am, I made it on time after publishing the first wrap upof this SxSW…

  • Stempel spel wins prize HollandCall

    30 januari 2015

    Wednesday January 28 the project #Stampions have won a second prize at the HollandCall. #Stampions is an idea for a game of stamps that aims to attract more visitors to cultural touristic attractions in the province of Noord-Holland. The game is a cooperation of Somedialoog and

  • Winners hackathon

    Labs organiseert de ID Hackathon

    27 januari 2015

    Vanuit Labs hebben we 14 januari de zogenoemde ID Hackathon georganiseerd in opdracht van het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties (BZK). De ervaring met het organiseren van hackathons en de contacten met het onderwijs was de basis voor een succesvolle dag in Den Bosch.

  • Moto 360

    Wearables – draagbare interfaces als tweede huid

    10 december 2014

    Wat zijn de ontwikkelingen rond wearables? Wie zijn de game changers van dit moment? Wat zijn hun vondsten? En waar kunnen die toe leiden? Iskander Smit schreef een essay over wearables voor de Crossover Works #3 publicatie.