JavaScript engineer in het centrum van Amsterdam

Wij zoeken een senior frontend developer met een sterke focus op JavaScript.

Wij vinden Node.js awesome

Wij zijn een creatief technologiebureau dat relevante digitale producten maakt.

Wij houden ervan om met vooruitstrevende bedrijven te werken die actief op zoek zijn naar de volgende stap. Samen creëren wij digitale producten om van te houden, zowel vandaag als in een toekomst waar alles mogelijk is. Bekijk onze recente cases en raak geïnspireerd door wat wij voor je kunnen doen! We zijn gevestigd in een prachtig pand in het centrum van Amsterdam, enkele minuten van het Central Station.

De vacature Javascript engineer is alleen in het Engels beschikbaar.

We think that Node.js is awesome

Besides its use to build fast and scalable applications using asynchronous I/O or running frontend development automation tooling, universal JavaScript can be a game changer. The ability to develop full-stack isomorphic applications with reactive rendering are enablers for agile development and great user experiences.

We fully embrace agile development

Our self-organizing, multidisciplinary teams are tailored to our clients situation and enable them to experiment quickly. We work together with our clients to continuously improve products and services based on actionable insights from their users.

We are intrinsically motivated by design, technology and our clients business

A great user experience is at the core of a great product. All these factors need to work together to contribute to this. Products that are truly lovable and successful do not only look good, but perform really well across devices and connections. We believe that having a deep understanding of the underlying technology is essential in creating these products.

We have awesome colleagues

As our Microservice and Docker pioneer put it: “We started doing things that don’t require Reading The F*cking Manual but inventing it.”

We have awesome clients too

Like BVA Auctions, Greenwheels, NS, Adyen, Graydon, T-mobile and many others.

You are proud of your work

You have done your homework

It’s nice if you know jQuery, but that’s not quite enough. As developers, we only say “JavaScript”, so that HR knows what we are talking about; what we really mean is:

  • Node.js and npm
  • ECMAScript 2015 and JSX
  • React and Redux
  • WHATWG DOM & HTML scripting APIs
  • CSS3 animations and responsive web development

And development practices like:

  • Debugging first: source maps for everything
  • Automated testing using Mocha or Jasmine
  • On the fly linting with ESLint and transpiling with Babel
  • On the fly CSS pre- and/or post-processing with Less and PostCSS
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

As you recognize that knowledge is power, you’ve know your way around the current JavaScript ecosystem and are always looking for possibilities to enhance your abilities to deliver great products.

You are agile

You should have at least two years of hands-on experience with agile development (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, XP), and actually like working that way. In that time you should also have had some substantial exposure to essential agile practices like test-driven development, continuous integration, refactoring and pair programming.

You have a vision

As a lead in your area of expertise, you can help out and inspire your co-workers. You look for ways to improve multidisciplinary cooperation and take an active role in advocating improvements. When you see opportunities for serving our clients better you rally support to make it happen.

You are proud of your work

You are eager to share your greatest development feats so far and love to share the knowledge you gained by it.

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Wat kan je verwachten van ons

  • reiskostenvergoeding

  • 8% vakantiegeld

  • premievrij pensioen

  • levenslooptoeslag, ter hoogte van 2.5% bruto per maand

  • 30 vakantiedagen

  • hacktime

  • informele borrels

  • flexibele werktijden

Dit is jouw toekomstige team

  • Oebe Rombout
    Oebe Rombout
    Scrum master

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