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Green wheels

Greenwheels is a car-sharing service based in the Netherlands. Founded in 1995, it’s one of the oldest car-sharing companies in the country and has grown significantly since its inception.

The Challenge

After they were taken over by Volkswagen Financial Services and Pon, Greenwheels had several ambitions and plans to further develop the company and to carry it into the 21st century. The platform also expressed the desire to cater to both B2C and B2B clients.

Our solution

In order to enable Greenwheels to grow and expand their business the main focus was on how a new innovative digital solution should behave for end users. We designed a one of a kind digital solution that could cope with high-peak traffic and specific user needs. All dashboards make it possible to interact with the car-sharing brand, from online booking to payments and everything in between. We delivered a state of the art, fully-tailored digital platform, consisting of a fleet management platform that was designed specifically for car sharing and a React-based frontend application platform.

Daily collaboration and agile product development

This is the first time allowed an external party to build part of their core system. In order to do so, INFO and formed a team for daily collaboration. delivered an experienced product owner and stakeholders were involved on a daily basis. We delivered the new platform using the Scrum methodology, combined with INFO’s regular scope governance meetings to evaluate progress. During the development track we formed the global roll-out strategy for six European countries, starting in France. Thanks to the strong collaboration and hard work on both sides, the new loyalty program was successfully launched in France end of October, with other countries to follow.