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“Voetbal International” (often abbreviated as “VI”) is a Dutch multimedia platform that primarily focuses on football (or “voetbal” in Dutch). It was originally a weekly football magazine that was founded in 1965. Over the years, “Voetbal International” expanded its presence to other media, including television, radio, and digital platforms.

In short:

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The Challenge

The main challenge that publishers have faced the past decade is the fact that print circulations have been steadily declining. Unfortunately, this applies to all print media. In order to get more revenue from their digital channels, Voetbal International (VI) was looking for personalized user experiences to increase reader engagement and loyalty.

Our solution

In line with VI’s strategic eCommerce goals, we defined the user happiness vision and parameters for their new digital environment. We mapped out the success factors of personalized content and designed a one of a kind digital environment that could cope with high-peak traffic and specific user needs.

We developed a CMS platform that is easy to use, enables writers to quickly publish content and creates personalized experiences for subscribers based on their preferences.