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Software Rebuild.

Extending the value of your existing software products.

The end-of-life. It’s an unwelcome fate that every software platform eventually faces. Our rebuild methodology results in practical agile continuity whilst creating durable changes to the process and product.

A software rebuild is like renovating an outdated house. Over time, software can slow down, become incompatible with newer tools, or less secure. As a business evolves, old software may lag. Rebuilding it ensures smooth, safe operations, meeting current needs, and aiding quicker growth.

The process of analysing an existing software system, determining its most valuable functionalities and then replacing (parts of) the system with new technology in order to maximize value.

A Software Rebuild in Steps:

1. A deep understanding of the job at hand.

We analyse the existing product, its role within your organization, its connection to your infrastructure and vendors, your ambitions for the future and the capabilities of your team. The results will determine how we approach the rebuild and what expectations can be set.

2. Assuring continuity and reusability.

A rebuild is not shipped overnight. Together we need to assure continuity. Our continuity team takes the legacy components and makes sure they keep running until the rebuilt components are ready. The team examines opportunities to migrate data, reuse parts of the system that fit within the new infrastructure and ensure a smooth transition that has a minimal impact on your day-to-day.

3. Bring the future to life.

At this point we’ve got a good understanding of what is there. It’s time to engineer a future-proof architecture and determine what features we prioritize in the rebuild. Furthermore, we explore how the product could be simplified and how innovations can increase its value.

4. Step by step, deliver value.

We want to deliver as agile as possible whilst keeping in mind the expectations of the product we are replacing. We work in two-week increments to design, implement, test and deliver the value we’ve committed to in previous steps.

4. Ensure durable change.

We take responsibility to ensure we are solving for good. We strive for the software to be maintainable by any team or agency. If so desired, we help you hire and train internal teams & capabilities. When you are ready, we you take responsibility back for the development lifecycle of your own product.