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I need a team

Track 0.

Every great software project begins with a strong foundation, and that’s where Track 0 comes in. Track 0 is the prelude to full-fledged software development. It’s the phase where we lay down the blueprint, taking into account user needs, business goals, and the technical landscape.

Embedded Teams.

Sometimes you’re dealing with complex projects that your own teams doesn’t have the skillset for. Or you need temporary support to tackle a big digital project. Info sends over some of its best and brightest to be part of the development team.

Cloud & DevOps.

A highly qualified team of DevOps, SREs & Service Managers are ready to maintain and monitor the infrastructure that suits your ambition, budget, and capabilities.

I need a rebuild

Product Modernization.

When working with on a product with significant legacy or old code, innovating or adding new and desired features can be troublesome. Ask yourself: is your software still competitive and free of legacy? Are you able to introduce new features at will?

Software Rebuild.

The end-of-life. It’s an unwelcome fate that every software platform eventually faces. Our rebuild methodology results in practical agile continuity whilst creating durable changes to the process and product.

Software Development Life Cycle.

Are you grappling with resource drains in your software development process? At Info, we specialize in optimizing your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), identifying inefficiencies, and replacing them with streamlined processes.

Infrastructure & System Architecture.

Revolutionize your architecture and make it agile, scalable, and future-ready. Experience minimized downtime, reduced operational costs, and a system that effortlessly scales with your business needs.

I have data, now what?

Data Strategy.

Sitting on a goldmine of underused data? We formulate actionable strategies to extract untapped insights from your data. Transform it from a dormant asset into a cornerstone of business intelligence and decision-making.

Predictive maintenance.

Are you struggling with unexpected equipment breakdowns that disrupt your business and lead to increased maintenance expenses? Predictive Maintenance is your solution.