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Vacancy: B2B marketing manager


To support our commercial strategy, INFO is looking for a freelance marketing manager. This person is to help restart the marketing function of INFO, with a focus on the following three responsibilities: raise brand awareness, confirm INFO expertise and facilitate face-to-face interactions with prospect clients. To begin with, the focus will be on the first two.


Based on our current understanding, we want the marketing manager to perform the following activities, in order of priority:

  • Help translate new propositions of INFO to our communication channels like the website and sales decks. Work together with our business developers, internal business strategy team, copy writer and designer for this. The marketing manager will be responsible for driving these activities and make sure everyone involved (internal and external) delivers on time and of a high quality.
  • Coordinate ongoing content creation. We want to share the knowledge INFO-employees have with the outside world via social media posts, blogs, whitepapers and talks. Set up a communication plan and execute it. For whitepapers and long form copy, the marketing manager coordinates between our employees and a freelance copywriter to make sure high-quality content that is relevant for our B2B audiences gets out there. For social media, the marketing manager writes copy and creates visuals.
  • Be the product owner of the INFO website. Manage the website backlog, set goals per quarter and manage the internal team that maintains and updates the website.
  • Coordinate and finalize the refresh of INFO’s corporate identity with a designer. Make sure all our communication channels get the updated branding.

The following activities are nice to have:

  • Organize events for prospects and customers, like a knowledge-sharing breakfast or webinar. Coordinate between our business developers, employees providing content for the event, the event venue and prospects and customers.
  • Help embed the marketing function in INFO again. Make a plan for how we can execute marketing activities after the freelance assignment is over.


We now think we need a freelance marketing manager for 3 to 6 months for 16 hours a week. The length of the assignment and hours per week are to be determined in consultation and depend on the hourly rate and available INFO budget. After 3 months, we evaluate together if goals are reached and see if we want to extend the assignment for an additional 3 months.

Skills and attitude

Characteristics we value extra:

  • Pragmatic: execution and plan-making go in parallel.
  • Connecting and aligning people: a lot of your work will be coordinating between INFO-employees and other freelancers.
  • Quickly finding your way in the INFO organization.
  • Be the expert: give advice about the marketing function to our management.
  • Organizer: setting up a plan for content creation and communication from A to Z and make sure it gets executed.
  • Self-starting. The marketing role is part of the (small) Creating Business team. We cannot give a lot of daily guidance. We do expect the marketing manager to actively report about progress and impediments.


We are looking for:

  • Medior level of experience
  • Affinity with agencies, digital products, design and technology
  • Preferably experience with B2B marketing
  • Experience with coordinating writing content for online channels
  • Availability at the INFO office (Marineterrein Amsterdam) for at least 1 day a week