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30 years of digital innovation.

We are INFO. Since 1994, we have been translating your business challenges into impactful digital products.

We combine design, data en technology on a strategic level to create the right digital solution to empower your business. We are 45 international professionals with 1 common strand of innovation-loving DNA. Although we each have unique skills and talents, none of us alone is as strong as all of us together. We ask the tough questions to get the best answers, because we know innovation happens when insight meets foresight. Our curiosity leads us to constantly learn and keep our expertise as sharp as the cutting edge on which we work.

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Our story

About thirty years ago, was founded in 1994. The first agency to be connected to the Internet in Amsterdam. Creating the first Dutch websites the web ever saw. We hit the ground running with clients such as the Rabobank, Top40 and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

We moved from the attic to the Sint Antoniesbreestraat, one of our most famous offices to-date. It is there where we build and BvA with the first online auction, truly a piece of Dutch Internet history. We partnered with companies like T-Mobile and Rabobank and developed the first online banking platform the Dutch consumer.

Years passed and we had our ‘Facebook-moment’. But instead of losing the ‘the’ we get rid of .nl and rebranded to INFO. A sign of an agency outgrowing it’s ‘digital only-roots’ and growing into a partner that is able to deliver value in almost all aspects of business.

In 2024 we celebrate 30 years of digital innovation. After grinding through countless of fads, buddles en hauses we believe that we are able to deliver value like no other Dutch agency can provide.

world famous to some


ISO standard for information security, Annually tested and renewed.

Dutch Digital Agencies

Multiple awards for Dutch Digital Excellence in the ‘Disruption category’

Emerce 100

Awarded Top-5 positions in the Emerce 100 for decades in a row

Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA)

Awarded for our work for the NS in the category ‘Digital Transformation.’

Our values

We are explorers.

It takes more than just cutting-edge technology to be truly innovative. You need curiosity, collaboration, insight and inspiration.

We challenge each other to brave the unknown together. We sharpen our skills like research and hack-time. Together with our clients we always look beyond the solutions of today, to the possibilities of tomorrow.

To us, innovation is about taking a broader perspective and coming up with great ideas together. We don’t innovate for innovations sake, but for the sake of our clients. And ultimately, for their clients.

We are empowered.

INFO is only INFO because of the people who work here, so personal development and happiness are important to us.

Everyone deserves a healthy work/life balance and the chance to grow. There are lots of opportunities to learn new things and cultivate new skills. We are all responsible for taking charge of our own development. And for supporting the company’s success as a whole.

INFO is a flat organization where anyone can be leader. To us, it doesn’t matter what your title is, how long you’ve been here, or where you come from. If you have a good idea or unique knowledge or expertise, then we welcome you to take the lead.

Always welcome.

INFO isn’t just a place to work, but a place to feel at home. We welcome everyone’s individual quirks.

We’re there for each other in good times and bad. We are honest, respectful,
loyal and friendly, and we always have each other’s backs. It’s WE, not I.

No matter where you’re from or what you’re into, there’s a place for you here. At the worktable, the Ping Pong table and when we get together outside of work. Teammates, clients, partners: everyone shares in the INFO ambiance. And if you’re here, then you belong.

We always aks why.

Everything we do is aimed at creating value for our clients’ end-users. So we take the time to get to know our clients and their business, and truly understand what they need.

We don’t just make what we’re asked to make. We keep asking questions and challenging each other until we gain the insights that lead to real solutions. Sometimes, that means we seem a bit eigenwijs. But that’s ok, as long as the result is valuable solutions for our clients and their users.

By partnering with our clients and collaborating with each other, we create an atmosphere of continuous learning. We get stronger and better together.

A true team

INFO is a research-led design and development agency based in Amsterdam. We’re a bunch of optimistic people that live and breathe technology. Here to help!

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Get in touch and let’s see how we can help you advance.

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Hoite Polkamp

Director of Business Development