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Product Development.

Combining creativity and technology to deliver innovative digital solutions.

Developing digital products is a strategic process that combines creativity, technology, and domain insights to deliver innovative digital solutions.

A great digital product delivers exceptional user experiences, generates customer loyalty, and fuels business growth. Good product development balances customer needs, market analysis, innovative design, and efficient production to create valuable, competitive products.  

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You’ve got an idea.

Building a new product.

When creating a new digital product, you want to control costs while maximizing impact. Lean development is great for trying new ideas, but sometimes you need more than just a barebone solution. Viable technology must be stable, secure, compliant and scalable. And above all, it has to appeal to end-users. If the solution is not adopted by both customers and employees, it’s bound to fail.

Therefore, it is crucial to map business and user needs before starting to develop. This will determine a realistic, explainable, and data-driven scope. Unexpected costs will be minimized, while making you agile enough to adapt quickly when needed. We believe in using the most company-compatible, modern technology available.

You’re on your way.

Enhance your product?

Modernizing software is often not considered an exciting aspect of software development because it involves a lot of work that is not visible to the end-users. However, you will directly notice the effects of your efforts. For example, when working with a product with significant legacy or old code, innovating or adding new and desired features can be troublesome. Or maybe not even possible at all. Ask yourself: is your software still competitive and free of legacy? Are you able to introduce new features at will?

Modernizing your software is essential in ensuring that your codebase remains maintainable, scalable, and easy to work with over time. If you’ve noticed that your codebase has become difficult to manage or that you’re experiencing performance issues, it’s time to consider rebuilding.

We’ve done this before

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Start Small and Launch Quickly: Begin product development with a small-scale approach, emphasizing the importance of not over-engineering the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Prioritize a swift launch, focusing on a basic system that satisfies end-users.

Iterative Improvement Through Testing and Data Analysis: After the initial launch, concentrate on refining the product through rigorous testing and data collection. This iterative process enables quick adjustments based on user feedback. Incorporate user input and refine the product to identify opportunities for additional value.

Gradual Handover and Continued Support: Transfer the responsibility of the product to your team within a timeframe ranging from 6 months to a few years, depending on your specific needs and ambitions. Even after the handover, our support continues, ensuring assistance until you are self-sufficient in managing the product.

Realize solutions quickly and with constant input

The philosophy of INFO to develop agile products fits seamlessly with our vision to realize solutions quickly and with constant input from the customer.

Richard Ates Director Product Development – Graydon

The team undertook an enormously complex job in record time.

INFO helped us really well with our Plant Manager. The team undertook an enormously complex job in record time. We’re very happy that we extended our partnership for another three years. This way we can continue to benefit from their Agile method and IoT and Cloud technology knowledge. By making a long-term commitment, we can optimize our business and innovate sustainably.

Ard van de Kreeke CEO – Growy

INFO is a committed digital partner supporting us in creating our digital twin platform.

INFO is a committed digital partner supporting us in creating our digital twin platform. Besides gaining insights into what’s important for growers and how our service can add value to their daily work, they created a platform that is unique in the market but highly appreciated by our users.

Dirk-Jan Mulder CEO – Growficient

INFO created perfect flow designs for our most complex workflows.

‘INFO created perfect flow designs for our most complex workflows and implemented them in close and pleasant collaboration with our top customers and our own development team. Thanks to their work, our customers can now enjoy a vastly improved self-service portal, and we feel confident about scaling up.

Ivar Janmaat Team lead High Performance Cloud – SURF

Transparent, professional and fun to work with

INFO's team has proven to be very good at handling complex, business-critical systems in a fast-changing organisation like ours. They are transparent, professional and fun to work with; great results-oriented digital partner!

Tim Scheerboom Global Director Retention Marketing – Just Eat

Product development teams that delivers high-quality and creative products

A funky, dynamic company to work with. You are welcomed with open arms and smoothly guided through their agile way of working, getting you up and running quickly. They dive into your range of products and services, and quickly get to the heart of your added value. If you're looking for a dedicated development team that delivers high-quality and creative products, you've come to the right place!

Jon Tarry Program Manager - NS (OV-fiets)

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Dominik Vrbic

Technical Lead