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Digital Consultancy.

Transform challenges into solutions with digital consultancy.

With our digital consultancy, we specialize in solving complex business problems by leveraging industry accepted methodologies and our 30 years of digital experience. Our approach involves a deep understanding of your unique business needs, enabling us to formulate answers that streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth. Whether it’s through data-driven insights, automated processes, or cutting-edge digital tools, we are committed to guiding your business through the digital landscape to overcome challenges and achieve sustained success.

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Build something new.

When considering building a new digital product one first must align business goals, optimize resource allocation, mitigate risks, and consider user experiences, ensuring competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

Great insights provide you with a holistic and deep understanding of the challenges you and your team face. Starting is great, Starting great is even better.


Where to go now?

You’ve build a great digital product. But like anyone in such a position, you’re facing some challenges. We analyse the existing product, its role within your organization, its connection to your infrastructure and vendors, your ambitions for the future and the capabilities of your team. With our learnings we can help you determine the most impactful way forward. Ensuring durable and valuable innovation.

We’ve done this before

Growy case

Introducing Growy: the world’s first fully robotized and zero-waste vertical farm

NS OV-fiets case
NS OV-fiets

Digital strategy and a future proof platform for OV-fiets

Stadsbank van Lening case
Stadsbank van Lening

A new digital pawning system for the Stadsbank van Lening

Just eat takeaway case
Just Eat Takeaway

A Globally Scalable Loyalty Platform for the world’s leading online food delivery marketplace


Ask: Our first priority is to ask effective questions in order to truly understand and define the challenge you’re facing. We make use of structured thinking and communicate with all involved stakeholders.

Process: We create (and perhaps transform) all the necessary data. We make sure all the data’s integrity is up to snuff by rigorous testing. We clean up the data if necessary to make sure it pain

Share: Finally, we create effective visuals to bring the data to life and make sure its message is understandable. We use data storytelling to effectively convey the message hidden in the numbers and thus clearly communicate the results.

Realize solutions quickly and with constant input

The philosophy of INFO to develop agile products fits seamlessly with our vision to realize solutions quickly and with constant input from the customer.

Richard Ates Director Product Development – Graydon

The team undertook an enormously complex job in record time.

INFO helped us really well with our Plant Manager. The team undertook an enormously complex job in record time. We’re very happy that we extended our partnership for another three years. This way we can continue to benefit from their Agile method and IoT and Cloud technology knowledge. By making a long-term commitment, we can optimize our business and innovate sustainably.

Ard van de Kreeke CEO – Growy

INFO is a committed digital partner supporting us in creating our digital twin platform.

INFO is a committed digital partner supporting us in creating our digital twin platform. Besides gaining insights into what’s important for growers and how our service can add value to their daily work, they created a platform that is unique in the market but highly appreciated by our users.

Dirk-Jan Mulder CEO – Growficient

INFO created perfect flow designs for our most complex workflows.

‘INFO created perfect flow designs for our most complex workflows and implemented them in close and pleasant collaboration with our top customers and our own development team. Thanks to their work, our customers can now enjoy a vastly improved self-service portal, and we feel confident about scaling up.

Ivar Janmaat Team lead High Performance Cloud – SURF

Transparent, professional and fun to work with

INFO's team has proven to be very good at handling complex, business-critical systems in a fast-changing organisation like ours. They are transparent, professional and fun to work with; great results-oriented digital partner!

Tim Scheerboom Global Director Retention Marketing – Just Eat

Product development teams that delivers high-quality and creative products

A funky, dynamic company to work with. You are welcomed with open arms and smoothly guided through their agile way of working, getting you up and running quickly. They dive into your range of products and services, and quickly get to the heart of your added value. If you're looking for a dedicated development team that delivers high-quality and creative products, you've come to the right place!

Jon Tarry Program Manager - NS (OV-fiets)

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Bas Barten

Lead Service Designer