We craft digital products that people love to use

Info.nl is a creative technology agency dedicated to crafting relevant digital products. We enjoy working with forward thinking companies actively looking for the next step forward. Together we create digital products that people love to use, both today and in a future where anything is possible. Check our recent cases and get inspired by what we could do for you!

We work in partnership with our clients

We are intrinsically motivated by design, technology and your business. As a partner we enable you to be a leader in the fast-changing digital economy and to offer better services for your customers. Our self-driven, multidisciplinary teams are tailored to your situation and enable you to experiment swiftly. Together we continuously improve digital products and services based on actionable insights from your users.

  • Info.nl team in action
  • Info.nl team in action

Are you our new Senior UX Designer?

Info.nl is looking for a Senior UX designer for one of our single client teams working on a portfolio of products powering smart mobility. You're a designer with a background in digital interaction design or visual design and experience working in agile software development. You will work on developing a product from concept to delivery, crafting an experience for users that drives business value for our client.