Integrated and robust auction platform built for growth

BVA Auctions has been the online partner for BVA Auctions since 2008. Developing and securing the entire online environment for the largest online auction house in the Netherlands.

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Built for growth

Almost a decade ago BVA Auctions started to auction goods through the Internet. Having successfully completed more than 20,000 auctions online, they are currently (and proudly) the largest online auction house in the Netherlands with some 6,900,000 lots sold. As BVA Auctions’ online partner since 2008 has been developing and securing its entire online environment, making it one of the most successful, robust and secure e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands. Sixty million page views with around one million unique visitors per month, and a fourteen-fold increase in online traffic in two years.

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Data integration, personalisation and behaviour targeting

In an online auction house with such capacity the load can become extremely intensive, sometimes exceeding two million page views per hour. Facilitating a stable and highly secure network was of utmost importance in the smart data integration we have built. The personalised dashboard for each bidder – with fully optimised and real-time tracking of the biddings and the lots – and a custom iPhone app play a prominent role in the platform structure. Together with the behaviour targeting solution we have developed – where bidders are presented with a personalised assortment of lots based on their surfing and bidding habits – these form just some of the platform’s key success factors.

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Reaching out further

The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to reach out to new users with a broad spectrum of online channels. For example, the first Facebook jewellery auction was held in January 2011. Last but not least, the platform can also be operated under White Label conditions in order to develop new types of auctions, such as property auctions that apply combined auction systems. It features settings in which security is crucial and always guaranteed, irrespective of use.

The successful implementation of different sized steps by has been made possible thanks to an extremely positive and productive relationship with the BVA core team. We are thankful for the genuine commitment and common trust and cherish the opportunity to help fulfil their ambitious targets.

We fell in love with each other, so to say. Thanks to the enthusiastic involvement and full dedication of team, we managed to fulfil our online ambitions.
Alexander Pluim, CTO BVA Auctions

Facts about this project

  • Nomination
    Nomination for 2012 Dutch Interactive Awards, category “Best e-commerce site”
  • Long-term relation
    Long term relation
  • Agile
    Agile product development
  • Numbers
    More than 20,000 auctions completed online

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